Online Cigar Stores

There are lots (it seems). Does anyone have any recommendations?

Buy from your local tobacconist. The cigars are already in the humidor, they can give you recomendations and they are more than happy to answer questions about the products.

If however you are unwilling to go to your local store, who will match any online prices if you ask, then I like these two:

If you know what you’re doing compare the two and then ask your local guy if he can match the price. He can if he wants, cigars are high margin.

If you don’t know what you’re doing ask your local guy to put together a sampler or buy a sampler from one of the above. You can’t beat the price on a good sampler pack.

I mean check this out: (not an affiliate link by the way):

A travel humidor PLUS 12 pretty good smokes for the price of the humidor.

Thanks yuri. Mostly this is a product of me not being able to find a good local guy. Hopefully that will change soonish.

My dad - he’s been going to the same guy for like 15 years. This Pakistani dude - he calls him “The man from Pakistan.” The guy runs a full tobacco shop but is awesome for cigars. Previously the old man went to a local tobacconist who was a WWII vet. The dude sold porno and would scare me and my middle school buddies with his “I’ve killed a lot of Germans” glare when we went pr0n searching at his store. He also had like a billion awesome stories he relayed to my dad. Way better

Some years ago when I still smoked I used (though admittedly then it wasn’t “.com,” I had to use the phone). They had good deals on name brands and “near-name brands,” and the cigars were fresh. Dunno how they are now.

I had a Gurkha the other day for the first time and it was just excellent.

Dude, they’re talking about cigars, not some Nepalese chick. Sheesh.

Gurkhas. I cut them with my gurkha.

Ghurkas aren’t girls… but I guess it gets lonely in the army.

Ghurka Ghurka?