Online "drop box"?

I need to send an editor some hi-res photos, perhaps up to 20 or 30 Meg worth. That’s a pain via email, so what I’m looking for is an online “drop box” - an online file server, so to speak, preferably free, since I’ll probably only use it this once, where I can upload the photos, and he can download them.

Any ideas or experiences?

I haven’t tried Streamload out, but it looks like it might be helpful. The free account offers 50mb of space with a max file size restriction of 10mb.

If you use it, tell me what you think. Here is a link to the signup page:

I keep an account at which, for about $7 per month, gives me an alternate email, lets me collect email from my other mail servers, a toll free fax number, a toll free calling card number, allows me to let my cell phone and home numbers follow me pretty cheaply and 30 meg of storage space (with more purchasable for another dollar or two a month). I find it very handy to have for situations such as this.