Online/IRC RP

So how do we stand on this?

If someone would be up for GMing it, I think we have more than enough want.

I nominate Flowers…guaranteed to be strange.

We have want, the question is do we have enough commitment. Cause the GM is going to have a pretty thankless task setting up something otherwise.

I’d suggest getting all interested parties together outside the forum in one of those funky RPG client/server things, or just IRC maybe, to see who will actually show up. Also, don’t start anything ambitious. Get the players together and run through something simple first.

Anyone has Tycho’s number? He seems to be pretty deep onto it.

If he’s half as good as he’s in his comics whomever lucky to be playing with him is being treated to a great immersion.

Commitment is the problem, yes…especially with my defected TZB of GMT+2 and thankless job from the depths of hell’s most darkest and lengthy unforgiving abysmal chasms.
Unless we’ll run it on Friday/Saturday, of course.

What kind of schedule are you looking at? Once a week for a few hours?

In my mind it’d be like, friday night at 10 PM GMT-5.

But then again, I realize thats holey unfriendly to others.

But I can probably be on any time NOT during the week during the day.

I agree we hould see how many we can actually gather on IRC before we really start getting serious. I’m pretty flexible, but ideally I’d probably prefer somewhere between 24:00 and 06:00 GMT on Friday or Saturday.

I’d be willing to take a shot at DMing if no one else steps forward.

Friday night conflicts with Qt3/PoE TF2 matches, and there’s probably other conflicts as well.

My days of 4AM gaming are pretty much over since I found gainful emplyment and all that, so anything that goes past 9 PM US eastern time is not something I can be part of. And that’s friday/saturday only, I’m afraid. Anything on a weekday would have to be much, much earlier than that.

Flowers running a Paranoia game would be fantastic.

A character creation meeting in the game’s prospective IRC channel is a good diagnostic of interest apart from its ingrained benefits. It also provides an opportunity for new IRCers to get their chat clients to work under less pressure than there’d be in a game session. (“We could have used you against the zombie dogs, JACKASS.”)

You can’t draft somebody into being DM and expect good results. He’s got to have the enthusiasm to volunteer. tiohn was talking about wanting to run a game in the other thread, maybe he will. It’s not gonna be me because I’m already at my responsible DMing limit right now. If I ran more stuff, the overall quality would suffer.

If we’re serious about this, there needs to be some discussion about what we’ll play, discussion that uses the wishes of the DM and the interests to the players to sift through several possibilities and find the most desirable. This is how my current game came to be.

I’d be thrilled to see a Qt3 roleplaying community emerge and delighted to participate. Judging by these threads, Qt3 is full of interested people, and IRC is not bound by locality. I could see the boards being the starting point for two or three different games, divided by interest. I’m bloody certain there’s a mathematical way – with math – to have a ranked vote where each player orders the games according to his preference and then players are grouped according to their highest shared preferences.

For convenience and to avoid repeating myself, my other post about this stuff is here.

As far as I’m concerned, I don’t exactly care what we play, as long as its not D&D. I’ve played it once, but I’m not exactly thrilled to play it again. I’d rather try something new.

I’m cool with any game, but if everyone wants to play Nobilis, don’t start freaking out when half the players are using pirated pdf’s of the manuals.

My own recommendation is something that is easily accessible (in terms of being able to actually buy the damn thing). Of course, I probably would never be able make it to a single session due to scheduling conflicts (stupid shift work).

Yay, I have a copy of the Pharos Press version. I’m rich!

Good thing a new edition is coming soon.

Sell it now, then rebuy it whenever it’s re-released!

I would be interested, depending on the game and time, of course.

I have that and the Hogshead version. I so win.

Yep, definitely a good point. Nobilis has found a new publisher, but there’d be a wait involved for that.

Personally, I’m most inclined towards a system that I actually own already - I don’t mind buying sourcebooks for a game that I’m just straight up interested in on my own or that I will definitely get to play on a regular basis, but with a setup like this, I’m not guaranteed a player slot, if I get one, I’m not guaranteed that the game will last long enough to get value out of the book, etc.

So for me that’s pretty much anything White Wolf, with additionally Shadowrun (3rd edition), Ars Magica (also 3rd edition, although apparently fourth is freely downloadable), Nobilis, Aria (but probably not that), SLA Industries (so broken, but kinda cool), Pandemonium (tabloid RPG), Legend of the Five Rings, Big Eyes Small Mouth (or other Tri-Stat RPG, I suppose), Champions (5th edition) and any variety of D&D or d20 product, although I’m not excited about D&D anymore. Also anything that can be freely downloaded. And if something looks really really awesome I suppose I might be willing to buy it (or, 'hem, find it).

Fridays are normally bad for me - I’m posting now because my usual engagement is cancelled in favor of the host attending a local convention. I can do most evenings (at present), and all day Monday, Thursday, or Saturday, though those figures are subject to change if I get one of the jobs I’m interviewing for next week.

I’m a noob (oh noes, I said it!), so any game is fine with me.
I can commit from Friday afternoon upto Saturday night.

As it stands, a Qt3 RP session is likely to be far more enjoyable than 99% of the video games on the market.