Online life

It’s a sad day in my life when my forum name comes up with two pages in google but my real name produces nothing about me at all. To the world at large I am Yurislave, gaming geek. :oops:

Same thing for me, but worse. At another board I post at I write book reviews under my real name, so those are the first two things to show up. My forum name shows up for just about every forum I’ve registered at, which is more than I’d like to admit.

For a while, I was the only Troy Goodfellow on the Internet. Now there is some powerlifting guy that is trying to horn in on my reputation.

I am still the only Troy S Goodfellow on the Internet.


It was a sad day in my life when I realized only 1 of my friends knew my first real name, all the rest just knew my handle, Tele (and Vip sometimes).


That’s doctor Goodfellow to you!

I have just recently overtaken the lead singer of Dangerous Toys with my real name. Thank you Firing Squad and Rotten Tomatoes!

Consider yourselves fortunate - my brother shares a name with a double murderer, also in St. Louis county. Every time he met a girl he was interested in dating, the first thing he had to do is tell them that he’s not THAT Dave Steinmeyer (as apparently all singles now google their dating prospects)

I’m doing ok I think. Putting “Greg Micek” into google mostly gives results on a banker who is the head of “The Micek Group” (heh), and gives money to schools. Getting formal and throwing in “Gregory Micek” is almost all me, baby.

Apparently, I was killed in a suspicious plane crash with the trail leading straight back to President Clinton who wanted me dead for some unspecified reason.

Bah! Imagine what it is like having people think your name really IS Walter.


I googled your nick awhile back, good sir. Nice one!

Used to be that putting my name in pulled up a bunch of sites referring to a “J. Matt Keil” in Wisconsin, who seems to do little besides play in go-nowhere local bands and write poetry about black men raping white women. The little twerp even goes by “Matt Keil,” so on the poetry page featuring such gems as “Zebra Love,” there’s a huge title banner reading “MATT KEIL’S POETRY.” I once emailed him to ask if he could put a picture of himself or something on the page so anyone googling me wouldn’t see that and think it was me, but he never responded.

Since the ol’ TV career has picked up, though, I now control the Google territory. Take that, indie band doppelganger!

Wow. Google Cautionary Tale, ladies and gentlemen.

Googling my name and handle is nigh impossible unless you already know something about me. :D

Wait… I thought your name was “Waiter.”

When Qt3ers address me as “John” I’m always a little taken aback.

Awesome. The lead singer of Dangerous Toys was named Jason McMaster? Teas’n Pleas’n indeed!

Confession: DT’s self-titled debut album was one of the (if not the absolute) last hair metal album I purchased. Ah, junior high!

Well I googled myself again and guess what comes up now?

That’s right, someone with my name is a b list actor who’s claim to fame is having a “nice package”. Maybe I should just review it some more times with similar comments and link to it on my resume.

I am a beautiful and unique snowflake, so Googling my name only turns up… me (and one article partly about me).

One of my friends, though. He married a former model… lets just say, that she made a “few” risque shoots. Her stage name gives “Results 1 - 10 of about 120,000 for …”

No I’m not going to tell you the name.