Online sharing of private files that does is simple for sharee

Long story made short: I need to share some files with my Dad. He is VERY computer challenged - he told me once he doesn’t have Google on his computer. These files include some financial info but nothing super sensitive.

So - what I need is an online site that I can use, probably only once or twice, where I can upload probably 3 files total that are about 150 MB each. I need the folder I am putting them in to be private. And I need to be able to simply send him an invite link that he can click on and download the files onto his computer without his having to install any kind of client on his system.


Dropbox would be my choice. Nothing in your folders are public, but you can easily send a link to anything in your folders to anyone else and they can download only that one file or directory. Very simple.

google drive?

WeTransfer is pretty easy to use, but the downside is that if someone copies the url from your dad, they can download the file without any authentication required.

Oh yeah. That’s true of Dropbox as well. :/

Hmmm. Dropbox plus telling my Dad to let me know when he’s got the files at which point i delete the files from Dropbox, seeems the way to go.


Seems reasonable. Good luck!