Online Suicide?

OK, WTF? Uh, It’s kinda NSFW or for the faint hearted. I just don’t get this.,20867,21445333-2703,00.html

It shocks me this isn’t the first time it’s happened. I hope they arrest the people that were yelling at him to “do it.”

Um why? You want to imprison people for flaming others on internet message boards and chatrooms? How fucked up in the head do you have to be to hang yourself and broadcast it over a chatroom because others who were there were making fun of you? They were obviously goading because they didn’t think he’d go through with it because he would have to be especially retarded to carry on with it for such a stupid reason.

EDIT: And what the hell, he got angry enough to kill himself because of insults he received WHILE IN A CHANNEL DEDICATED FOR INSULTS?

It’s completely fucked up that people knew this guy well enough to call the cops to get him help, but waited until he actually did it to call. Friend threatening to commit suicide? Call cops immediately. If they were doing it for the lulz, well, they won’t make that mistake again. If they were doing it for real, you could save their life.

I’m not so sure they could have saved this guy. He obviously had eveything at hand to do this so he must have been thinking about it for some time. He even thought about knocking a hole in the ceiling to get to a beam. That doesn’t seem normal unless someone was contemplating it for a while. To turn on a video feed seems to be more of a attention thing or possibly a shot at the Ex Wife IMO.

I’m not saying arrest the people for murder. But you don’t see a problem with people saying, “kill yourself” and someone on the edge decides to go ahead and do it? You do know they are looking into laws for this already right? Mostly based on the assisted suicide sites.

Of course I do, but that’s an obvious difference between sites dedicated to telling you how to commit suicide in certain ways or someone seeing you about to jump out of a window and tells you to go ahead and do it because life sucks, and complete strangers on the internet (for the most part, those who knew him and saw it coming should have definitely told some authority) who think you are putting on an attention whore show and faking the whole thing.

Here’s the thing, Skipper. At some point, even the most easily influenced people on the internet become responsible for their own actions. If you don’t want input on whether you are going to pack it all in, you shouldn’t go around asking people for it. I mean, seriously, if you’re looking for someone to talk you out of it, they have suicide hotlines everywhere. I think if you are looking for random strangers to take the time out to have a heart to heart with you and stop you from killing yourself, you are really barking up the wrong tree. And on the internet? If you don’t want to call the suicide hotline because you think that they are dishonest in their assessment of your life quality potential because of their job bias, that is one thing. But the internet?

Come on. Fishing for compliments and sympathy on the internet is a fool’s errand. Unless you are on a forum devoted specifically to the ailment about which you are complaining, you shouldn’t expect anything less than a suggestion you kill yourself. Now, those people are joking, but if you can’t take the heat, you should get out of the kitchen. And seriously, expecting people on the internet to take you seriously because you engage in grander histrionics than if Fall Out Boy played a prom where all the jocks got shot in a planecrash and the pretty girls killed themselves instead of dating the J.V. Chess squad is just fucking stupid. How much of the internet is fake? How many of the videos are staged, how many of the blogs contain lies and distortions, how many of the dating sites and chats are essentially false identities? For crying out loud, the only difference between the internet and the Land of Make believe is that Fred Rogers doesn’t do all the voices.

So he actually did it. Way to make a bid for attention. I bet everyone who teased you in an internet forum specifically devoted to teasing feels really bad for teasing the crazy guy. Except they shouldn’t. Feeling bad for teasing a crazy person only goes until the crazy person makes an obvious and calculated bid for sympathy and revenge based on the fact that you should not tease a crazy person. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You can either be crazy and teased and get sympathy or you can be hamming it up to highlight your damaged emotional state, in which case, walk it off, bitch.

To quote the Dandy Warhols, “If you think that I don’t know about depression and emotional pain, you’re insane.” The man has an internet connection fast enough to support his webcam and streamed internet chat. I really feel for the guy. Life is tough enough without grandstanding Sylvia Plath clones like that guy wasting our time. I will say this. This guy is not as bad as the guy who took flying lessons just so he could take his daughter into a plane with him and then crash that plane into his ex-wife’s house. However, I think that may have more to do with the second gentleman’s willingness to “think outside the box,” or “go big.”

Whether or not to kill himself was his decision. He either did it to make a point because those people were insensitive or he went into that chatroom knowing what the internet’s answer to his question would be. Either way, I do not support fishing for compliments or emotional neediness from strangers.

And seriously, what are we going to do now, in a post, “some guy killed himself because people didn’t fill his emotional void with the right flavor of candy,” world? Probably the same thing we did when we started living in a post, “some guy fucking ate another guy to death but first fed him to himself because the dude that got eaten asked him on the internet if he would please butcher and eat him,” world. Which is, of course, move on.

He deserved your sympathy until he made his condition worse in a conscious and calculated effort to command your sympathy.

I’ve had MANY friends kill themslves over the years and to be honest, none of them just out and did it. Most of them threaten for months if not years. Some would have repeated half hearted attempts. After awhile you begin to block it out. The one thing I’ve learned is if they threaten for years and then suddenly seem happy, pay attention to any casual annoucement. It seems like once people finally get the courage to do, they drop the theactrics and it becomes as simple as changing your shirt.

come on, when a complete stranger tells you to go /wrists on the internet, do you take it seriously?

give me a break…obviously his RL friends & family weren’t concerned enough with him to check in on him and see/accept the signs. where were they at? obviously not keeping him off the internet. and it’s not like this kind of thing is an impulse decision.

its not their (chat channel’s) fault - he should never have been in a situation where he’d be made fun of like that in the first place. to go on the internet and tell complete strangers you’re going to kill yourself…well…it sounds like you’ve already made your decision. if you weren’t so sure, you’d tell someone who might be able to stop you, consciously or unconsciously.

the guy was obviously mentally unstable from issues completely unrelated to the internet or chat channels. why did he even put himself in that situation (set himself up for ridicule) to begin with?

as a previous poster said, you are responsible for your own actions, whether or not they are involving or they are taken place on the internet is of no consequence.

Obligatory Guns & Roses EP reference:
Live Like a Suicide.

About as fucked up as you have to be to hang yourself and leave a note. Or to call up a friend and tell them you’re going to hang yourself. Or to call up some random person from your work/school/etc and tell them you’re going to hang yourself.

Whenever anyone says anything akin to “I’m going to kill myself” the response of any human being with an ounce of compassion ought to be “Hey man, don’t do it.”

The fact that it’s over an internet chatroom shouldn’t excuse folks from being human beings. It sure as fuck shouldn’t give them free reign to be absolute dregs of humanity and encourage that. If these folk are the type who would have encouraged him to kill himself to his face, they ought to be locked up. And if they’re not, but did it just because it was cool and edgy to be blase on the internet, they still ought to be locked up. It’s a shitty way to be a human being, and since we’ve already decided that that particularly shitty way of being a human being is punishable legally, I don’t get why they ought to be exempt just because it was “teh intarweb”.

…and the three people I’ve known in my life who’ve offed themselves gave zero indication or clue about it beforehand.

Which proves nothing except that perhaps there isn’t a clearcut formula for spotting a potential.

Killing yourself on the internet and using people’s urgings to carry it out as a reason: bad.

Being one of those people who urge you to go ahead and do it: also bad.

One does not exclude the other. Everybody sucked in this debacle.

Go kill yourself!

… well… someone had to say it…

EDIT: If he does it, I claim no liability!

Kareem and Flowers:

I think my personal issue with it is more of the moral issue I have with not trying to stop someone from doing it. To hear people encourage them instead … it’s sick. And yes that’s my personal opinion.

There are laws against most of the assisted suicide, but laws for stuff like this are fairly new. Not in Australia, apparently they have them already, but here in the States anyway.

The proper disclaimer is to say your advice is provided for entertainment purposes only. Works for online psychics!

It’s okay. I’m stable enough that it’s not particularly likely to work. And if it does I’ll come back as a ghost and slit his throat! :P

I’m not sure why the majority of your post was dedicated to arguing the case that they are assholes devoid of compassion, because that wasn’t the point I was arguing, and I happen to agree with you.

If these folk are the type who would have encouraged him to kill himself to his face, they ought to be locked up. And if they’re not, but did it just because it was cool and edgy to be blase on the internet, they still ought to be locked up.

See, I don’t think they did it because they thought it was cool and edgy. Rather that this being teh intarwebz people are likely to be attention whores who fake everything from terminal illnesses to depression to suicide attempts that they want to tell everybody about. IMO they felt he was being an attention whore and goaded him as a result. From the screenshot of the chatroom people were getting anxious when they saw he was doing it for real, so I think it’s unlikely that they did it because they thought it was cool.

The discussion is very similar to the one that happened when a teenager overdosed online via webcam a few years ago over at The Shroomery IRC channel. There were people in the channel cheering him on as he was taking the drugs.

The whole thing is very similar. People knew him well enough to know where his house was located.

After he died, there was talk about holding the cheerleaders accountable.