Onward - Pixar, Chris Pratt, Tom Holland

Directed by Dan Scanlon (Monsters University)

Saw that the other day. I’m sure there’s something more, because this seems a fairly simple setup. And nothing in the writing stood out as particularly interesting, unlike other Pixar films. Very conventional and safe feeling. Which is probably just marketing being safe.

But my daughter loves unicorns, so Im sure I’ll see it no matter what.

I’ve never had a more “meh” reaction to a Pixar trailer. (Except maybe Cars 2.)

(Yeah, I’m an adult and not the key market, but I’m very immature.)


Like, ok, fantasy creatures in a modern world has been done before, heck even in kids movies. I mean that premise is basically Harry Potter’s core conceit, we see elements of it in Elf, or Once Upon a Time, or a million anime series (trying to limit myself to things remotely child friendly). This has about as much creative spark in the trailer as… the Smurfs or Trolls.

Not to say the movie will be as vapid or lacking, just the trailer is not enticing.

Fantasy world develops into a modern society, and two unlikely heroes set out to discover what has been lost. I guess it hasn’t quite been done exactly that way before, has it?

I did like the feral unicorns though.

Well, I liked the trailer. The music was great for a child of the 80’s like myself. And I can see the premise getting really interesting if they want to.

I’m cautiously optimistic.

Pixar still gets my blind ticket sale. Even if they are no longer perfect, they are still miles above most out there. And I, uh, like fantasy stuff. Looking forward.

I’ve been ‘meh-ed’ to death by most Pixar trailers and even just pitches of what their films are going to be about (Up, Nemo, Rat-chef-boy), but in the end all have been worthy of the Pixar name except Good Dinosaur. Even Cars was more enjoyable, though it was the most by the numbers story they’ve done. So I don’t really care about the trailer so much, but do trust the film will be at worst an enjoyable couple of hours of predictable storytelling done very very well.