This site shares a server with one other site - gamerswithjobs.com

They were just mentioned by slashdot on their main page this morning for having the breaking story on the HL code.

We have been averaging 1200 connections… ugh.

That site and QT3 were moved in hopes of being able to handle these types of things without blinking. The problem is that gamerwithsjobs uses a modified version of postnuke - which is normally great - but when under stress blows up.

We are working on a similar program for QT3 but where it builds static pages to avoid this issue. But for today, while we try and limit the damage, the site will be slow and then back as it goes.


If only we could somehow slashdot those bastards at slashdot…

We have met the enemy and they iz us!

I think the fact that all those users have to suffer through the 1998 horribleness that is Slashcode is damage enough.

Actually we did slashdot, slashdot - but it took a little bit.

The problem today was the server this site and gamerwithjobs is on, the way somethings in htaccess are done is slightly changed, breaking our old code. Finally tracked it down and away we go.

Just go to the slashdot article and click on the link to the gamerswithjobs story.


You are a goddamn genius!