Oooh, IGN has a job opening!

FYI, without any editorializing:

Wanted: Editor
We’re looking for a full-time PC editor. Interested?

August 28, 2003 - Goodbye, Ivan; hello, you!
We recently “lost” a dear member of the PC team here, as Ivan Sulic left to pursue his lifelong dream as Ron Jeremy’s understudy. But Ivan’s folly is your opportunity; we’re looking for a new full-time PC editor to take his place.

The ideal candidate will:

Love PC games
Write well
Work with daily deadlines
Follow industry news
Live in the San Francisco Bay Area
Familiarity with Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and basic HTML is a definite plus. Previous experience either running a reviews site or news service is also highly desired but not necessary. This full-time position with benefits is based just south of San Francisco in Brisbane, CA.

If you feel like you’re ready for primetime, send a resume and a sample game review to [email protected].

– Steve Butts

I tried to apply but there were too many ads to reach the site!! Dammit!

Let me try my hand at IGN writing.

Pie4Foo sends in this great article about an opening at IGN. Wouldn’t that be cool? Let me let him tell you about it.

Isn’t that cool?

Do I pass the Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V test?

Crap! I have no press releases handy to show off my mad skillz!

Once you see the mad pay you probably won’t care. :shock:

It’s all about the games man, you gotta love the games.

I’ve applied. ;)