Oops. Honey, I thought you were a monkey

A man in Malaysia saw a monkey stealing his fruit in his fruit tree. What would you do? Shoot the monkey of course. Unfortunately, this monkey was the man’s wife.

Maybe his wife was a were-monkey, returning to human form only after being fatally wounded.

My favourite quote:

Supt Mohamad Yusof reminded the public who were given permits to use guns to do so with caution.’

Well no shit, Mohamad.

Wait! Be careful with guns…this could be a whole new motto. It could beat out other leading mottos such as:

“Don’t forget to eat when you are hungry.”
“Always use both feet when walking.”
“When driving a car, pay particular attention to what is in front of you.”
“Never sleep underwater.”
“Be careful with your penis. It’s sensitive.”

“Don’t eat fire.”
“Never attack lions.”
“Don’t play Daikatana.”