OOTP Baseball 25: Touching base with the 25th Anniversary edition

Off-topic: I lived 2 blocks from the Nelson in '77. Never took the time to walk over there. One of my regrets in life.

Maybe you’ll get a chance to go back. I may actually plan a trip to KC just to see that museum, and maybe also to see the Royals. Or maybe a road trip to see lots of Americana on the way as well.

Oh, how cool is that! Let us know if you get Vlad Jr, or if not, who you end up with. And yeah, it’s weird that your Rockies aren’t hitting the long ball in all that thin air!

Well, I have constructed a team of singles hitters, so not that weird! Basically the whole Rockies org was trash, so I got who I could in trades, which were the easiest-to-trade-for singles hitters. I even have the original slapdick prospect leading off :P

I hope to add some oomph goiing forward but I couldn’t get any at the start of the season. Will update when I get over my trade deadline analysis paralysis.

Who says miracles can’t happen?

Qualified via the Wild Card (along with two other NL West teams) and then went on a mad offensive run.

As mentioned before, I had to dump a bunch of salary (30m of dead money for years to come) while somehow becoming competitive - which was achieved mostly by signing cheap high contact guys and hoping Coors’ huge outfield would turn singles into doubles and triples. This mostly worked - luring Jung-hoo Lee away from the Giants was the big difference maker (4 WAR) and having Vlad Jr dropped in my lap (more of which later) was huge:

Meanwhile, every single Rockies starter was released or traded (mostly released as they were so bad) and a new rotation was assembled from ‘back of the rotation’ (OOTP scouting verdict) guys who were also groundballers (I had a great fielding shortstop). These guys did not fare well in the playoffs but luckily the offense saved the day:

You may notice a certain C. Kershaw there :P I think trading is pretty tight in OOTP now, you have to pay dearly for good guys, but the issue remains that one or two great guys just fall into your lap during the course of the season (see Vlad Jr above, who was a salary dump). The Dodgers put Kershaw on the trading block when he was rehabbing in Oklahoma, and he registered his 3000th strikeout as a Rockie :( He immediately became my best pitcher (despite the usual postseason struggles).

But once you start trying to change the AI you get in bother. Juan Soto was looking for a paltry 40m per year contract extension from the Yankees, so I changed over to the Yankees GM and made sure he re-signed there. A couple weeks later:


D’oh! Well, I hope he enjoys being a Twin.

Btw, have you guys seen this? Written by one of the Fangraphs guys in the offseason; unfortunately Edouard is not ruling again this year:

Anyway, as I was saying, generally enough impact bats become available in OOTP every year that even the Rockies can win a WS! :P

Already in my 2025 season, Eloy Jimenez (I mixed him up with Luis Robert Jr and pounced on him, but he’s doing great) and Kyle Tucker have become available. Not out of the question in real life for sure, but it’s pretty easy to bolster even the worst squad.

Final note on the Coors Effect on batting - Jimenez before and after the move has roughly the same OPS+, but you can see the park factors reflected nicely in his slash line:

Pitching - my starters generally put up around a 4.50 ERA, but that’s still around a 108 ERA+, good for third in the NL. I still came last in the NL in HRs (well, joint 14th) so lots of room to improve. Currently transitioning from slap hitters to (slightly more) power guys.

I picked up 25 a couple of weeks ago on a whim. Hadn’t played since 22 so I figure there will be enough improvements to make it worthwhile.

I started a replay of the 1969 Washington Senators (trying to recapture my youth!) but quickly got sucked into playing Perfect Team. Of course there’s more monetization going on now. I’ve always been a F2P (Free To Play) player, so I don’t spend money to purchase the in-game currency. I simply earn it through playing the game and selling any valuable cards I get from packs. And I feel like they’re definitely pushing people to spend the $$, so there’s less to do for my team - my major source of upgrades are through pack drops and completing missions, and now that all of the easy missions are done, my advancement will slow down. That means my playtime is less than in prior years.

I keep telling myself to get back to the Senators but whenever I fire up the game, I spend 10 minutes looking at my perfect team and then decide to do something else. Does that count as ‘playing the game’? Maybe!

I’m in the same boat as you. Spent the past week using my in game earnings to finish most of the live missions, just have a handful of the level 2 live missions left to complete because they have a lot of players that cost 1000pp or more. I’ll probably lose a lt of interest in that mode now that most of the missions I can complete easily are done and it’s just a matter of grinding out free packs and purchasing standard packs to try and complete the rest.

Ok so now that I’ve done all the live series missions except Baltimore and Philly because a lot of their cards are 1000pp+, what should I do next with my money? I have about 20k to spend, should I continue to just buy cards to finish out those missions and others? If I’m going to buy packs which should I get?

I guess I’d focus on finishing missions, but I suggest bidding low for remaining mission cards. The price of Live players continuously declines, and you’ll get them all sooner or later. I’d save big expenditures for cards you actually want to add to your team. I spend my big bucks on Red Sox to fit my team’s theme.

I still check in with my team, but less frequently these days. I oscillate up and down, around the Silver level, and while I get to the playoffs, I never win it all.

I broke down and bought this during the Steam sale. I’ve decided that trying to install my old (non-Steam) version and upgrade it through every season was too much. I think my old game is 2019 or so. I guess the St. Louis Cardinals long-running dynasty will forever be a memory. :frowning_face:

I’ve started a 16 team, 4 division, 80 game season of the fantasy Southern Baseball League. My Chattanooga Tornado has a 4 1/2 game lead in their division at the All-Star break. My 2 best hitters are still on the IL for about another 3 weeks. I hope we can continue to win without them.

I’d forgotten how much fun this game can be!

If you can complete all the live missions, you will get a lot of really nice cards which you can plug into your team. It takes a little while but if you’re opening packs on a regular basis you will eventually get there.

As for spending your PP, it’s widely considered not worthwhile to purchase packs directly. However, if you do purchase them, the regular packs are the ‘best value’ (even though the expected return is still less than what you spend). You get more bang for the buck by purchasing those last few cards to complete missions and getting packs that way (though to be sure, eventually that dries up). Sort your missions by ‘% completed’ and see what you’re close to finishing. Maybe you can complete some where you only need 2 or 3 cards. I always weigh the reward vs. my cost to complete - for instance, if I need to spend 500 to get 3 standard packs I will probably do it. If I need to spend 1500 to get those packs I usually hold off.

If you want to be a no lifer, you can watch streamers on Twitch for 10 free packs a day - you can get 5 (4 regular, one silver) for watching official OOTP streams (ootpdevelopments on Twitch) and 5 (same distribution as above) for watching affiliated streamers (there are a number of them including laptophound, DrDynastic, dontcutthedblockdragon, EVCinNYC2, FranchiseTimeMachine, Cheeki, thenolannetworkpodcast and others).

If you want to be a double no lifer you can play in the daily/weekly tournaments as another way to earn free packs. I can tell you more about that if you’re interested.

Ok, that is what I’ve basically been doing. I’ve now finished all the live missions and am just slowly working through other missions to get free packs. I’ve just kind of bet checking some of the missions out a few times a day and buying low on cards when I can. Focusing on missions that make sense financially for what the reward is. I did spend some money on the diamond historical pack that was up because I mostly just need historical cards at this point.

Dominated stone league, 112 wins, but lost in the league championship series.

My team has had 111 wins in each of the past two seasons but I’ve lost in division series both times (got swept the first time). So Stone for the third year! It sucks but that’s what can happen in a short series.

I’m not really sure that it’s a good thing that I’m moving past stone already. I’d sort of rather just stay here and get a bunch of wins and points.

Ah, the joys of Sunday in OOTP Perfect Team :)