Open/Free Video Editing Software?

In leiu of a videographer, my fiance and I are buying a video camera and plan on putting the footage together ourselves. However, we need to find a good, free/cheap editing program. Any reccomendations?

Which O/S? Windows?

Anyhoo, both AviSynth and Avidemux are open source, and both run in Windows. Avidemux will run on just about anything, actually.

Yea, Windows. Sorry.

dear god, why would you recommend that complex shit to someone?

use windows movie maker, or avid free dv

Script serving with Avisynth, demuxing, demultiplexing and shit like that aren’t really something you inflict right away on the unsuspecting.

If you want free, Windows Movie Maker’s actually not bad in XP and bordering on decent in Vista.

If you want something that’s actually good and gives you more flexibility, I’d suggest Vegas Movie Studio. About $50.

Eventually maybe Jahshaka, but it’s a little rough around the edges at the moment. :(

More polished is Cinelerra, but this is Linux only:

My friend put his wedding footage together in iMovie if you have access to a Mac. It’s quite polished.

I actually have a similar question - I’m on Vista. I have lots of movies put together from a digital video recorder (every time I hit “record” it’s a separate file), and I’d like to put them together. Movie Maker has looked quite nice, but every time it encodes the movie, all my recordings are squished into the top half of the picture and the bottom half is solid green. No clue why MM is screwing up that badly, and it does it no matter what the encoding settings are (not that I can change them much).

I’ll take a look at those open-source ones, but if anyone can suggest a fix for that Movie Maker problem, I’d be very grateful, because the UI is not bad at all.