Open Office Calc question

I’m trying to create a function in open office to determine the price point at which replacing my current car with a hybrid of some sort is a good idea, but to do so I need access to the RANDBETWEEN function. Unfortunately, this isn’t natively supported by OpenOffice, but it is supported by something called the Analysis addin (referenced in the second line of the above link).

Which is great, except that after half an hour of googling and following links, I can’t find a download – or even figure out what the hell it is, and whether it is in fact a download.

Help me Qt3 Internet Jesuses, you’re my only hope!

Dunno how the add-in interface works, but you could always wing your own:


RAND() is a standard function, if I remember right, no add-in shenanigans necessary. Not as neat as the function you’re looking for, no, but hey :)

I actually started giggling when I saw that butt ugly duct tape of a formula, but yeah it should work, and it beats the heck out of my idea (cut the summation and the random value and just average it out, which defeats the whole purpose of a speculative term). Thanks!

But, uh, if anyone does happen to find that addon, I’d kill for it.

Reinstall OpenOffice. You must not have deselected it during install. It was an option in the installer.

Alternatively you are running linux and it came with your distro and so of course you get the install options picked by some random person who was building the distro. In which case nuke your openoffice install and get the latest from