Operation Tiger Hunt

Just wanted to toss out a quick recommendation for this sharp little tank game from Digital Fusion (by way of Infogrames). In the demo, you’re driving a Sherman along the Normandy beaches in two missions. (The full game has 46 more missions.) The graphics are excellent and the effectes gratifying (when you blow up a house with high explosive shells, it first catches fire and then comes crashing down) and enemy AI seems decent.

It’s decidedly an action game, and there’s nothing sim-like about it. But you do apparently have to maintain a supply of fuel and use target-appropriate ammo (four types). And it’s serious about line of sight issues; that is, you really have to aim when there’s a rise in the way and you have to lead enemies.

It’s only computer game I’ve been able to get my little brother to play for any length of time, and now he wants it for Christmas. (I’m getting off easy; it’s just $20.) I’m going to pick up one for myself while I’m at it. :)

My only complaint so far is that the German infantry looks like US infantry. (Either that, or my own guys are throwing grenades at me.)

The demo’s on File Shack at:



The game is essentially an exact duplicate of Operation Bloackade.
The fact that it was developed/published by the same company might have some role in this. :lol:

Maybe you’re thinking of something else? Tiger Hunt’s nothing like Operation Blockade. For one thing, it isn’t a rail shooter. (You have full control over your tank.) And while the publisher is the same, the developers are different. (Blockade’s is Screaming Games, Tiger Hunt’s Digital Fusion.)


You’re right, I’m thinking of another game.
Ignore me … nothing to see here move on =)

I’ve been waiting for a demo for this - the p/reviews looked good, and I’ve been looking for a nice little no-brain time waster.

By the way, the demo is available without having to sign up for anything at