Operational Art of War Patch

Here’s the announcement at the Wargamer:

"Matrix Games has announced a new updated version for The Operational Art of War III (TOAW III).

Here’s the word on the patch. Apparently the modability of the game has increased substantially with the addition of editable equipment files:
The v3.0.1.9 update file will bring a variety of improvements and alterations to the game totaling over three dozen in all. Players of TOAW III will be excited to find a new database editor. This allows gamers to modify and create equipment database elements adding more customization their TOAW III experience. Building on an already versatile system, players can now add yet another layer of customization to their scenarios and gameplay. The update also includes seventeen new or newly revised scenarios by popular TOAW III scenario designers, a handful of bug fixes, and some improvements to game design which will make cheating in a PBEM game more difficult. In addition, this update includes an option to display unit bombardment range as well as improved unit pathfinding and a number of programmed opponent enhancements."

Ralph Trickey
TOAW III Programmer


Operational Art of war

Fixes, improvements, and new scenarios assembled and ready for


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