Operencia: Zen's Turn-based Hungarian-Folklore-Inspired Blobber

DDD this is a good game. It can get puzzly… but not Bard’s Tale IV puzzley. I like it a lot.

What is DDD? I thought you meant Divine Divinity, but the third D?

On Operencia, does the whole combat line distance thing ever matter? It seems to have no effect whatsoever in hit chances or damage as far as I can tell. Maybe because I am playing on normal or because I am still early on (mushroom cave)? Combat seems like it should be more interesting than it is. Not that I don’t enjoy it, just wouldn’t mind for it to be a bit deeper.

Each attack shows you how much it hits for (or, rather, how much efficiency it has compared to its max power) at each distance with a little graphic showing the 3 enemy lines.

Right, just in practice, damage seems to be about the same, or at least not a huge difference. Also, once the front line is wiped out, why don’t the other lines move up?

So, I got through the castle, but I realized that it kicked me out before I got all the secrets. Luckily, I saved it before I finished the mission.

But, I’m wondering if I’m happy with my build for the thief. I put all his points in stength and agility, but I realized that for talents, I went down the poison branch. Maybe I should have gone under the the stealth on instead? Is there a wiki out there is information?

For my main character, I went as the hunter. There seem to be a lot of skills that boost initiative and the chance to attack twice, and I’m focused on Agility, with a bit of Wisdom and Intelligence. I think I’m happy with that combination. Double attacks real make a lot of the battles a bit easier.

So, did I screw up my thief? I’m only 2 hours into the game, so it’s not like restarting will be an awful thing to do.

I did the same thing, and then got sick of searching for hidden walls and left.

My understanding is you can’t get all the secrets until later. You can go back to earlier areas later in the game supposedly. There is definitely a tool you get later for finding some secrets as well.

I was able to get to the armory (If you grab the starlight, and run all the way down, you can get to the rune right before the timer runs out) but I’m going to see if I can find the 3rd weight before wrapping up the mission.

Oh yeah, the weights are accessible immediately, so definitely finish that one. I am just saying don’t spend all your time trying to find all the secrets it says on the map screen.

The thief sucks anyway, you should dump him as soon as you get a chance, which won’t be too long.

You can return to every location in the game with quick travel later on. You will not be able to get every secret your first visit to many zones as typically they require “artifacts”, like the shovel. There are a bunch of those.

Does he? The fire/poison spells seems to work out pretty well.

Nearly everything is immune to poison, and quite a lot are immune to fire also. What you want is lightning and frost.

In my experience, many bosses are not immune to poison, and this is an effective tactic against many of them.

I have to save his energy for healing mostly anyway. Probably should have listened to stusser and went with a mage over a fighter.

You’ll find two much better healers later on too.

I like my hunter so far. The ability to give everyone double attacks should be fun when I have more characters in my party.

Just started playing this a bit. Made it to where the difficulties are selected.

I think I want the map for sure. How hard is the combat. Is normal a decent place to start or too easy? Edit: I guess it just controls autosaves and resting, not combat difficulty. Recommendation for a good choice?

Like others mentioned, combat does move at a good clip. Am I missing something or is there no indication whether an enemy can retaliate or other stuff like that. I did see where it says stuff like immune to fire. Is it just lean by observation?

Made it to the Great Forest. So far feels like a sibling of Bard’s Tale IV, but with less filler and wandering, better voice acting and more interesting characters. I’m not going to get any of them confused with those in The Witcher 3 or anything, but they are good enough.

So far it’s been pretty easy.

I can say having beaten the game that it never really gets all that difficult, at least at the default level. There are a few challenging boss fights and getting to new levels will probably force you to up your game a bit, with more efficient use of attacks and magic and such. I’d say some of the puzzles are tougher than the fights but I enjoyed that.

Is there a way to reset skill selection? I’ve made one or two mistakes with the skills I’ve taken.

Valuables are ok to sell I assume? (I.e. gems, leather pouches, etc.)