Operencia: Zen's Turn-based Hungarian-Folklore-Inspired Blobber

aggggh you’re killing me KristiGaines. I so wish I could just try it and see if it’ll run okay on my ancient rig, but I don’t know epic’s refund policy.

Well, wait for another of those $1 sign up deals and try it through Game Pass.

Great game really enjoying it so far.

Epic refund policy: 14 days for any reason unless you have played 2+ hours.

As @Ormus was saying, the Epic refund policy should give you plenty of time to check whether the game will run:

What types of products can I return for a refund?

Any game you purchase through the Epic Games store is eligible for a refund. Epic cannot provide refunds for purchases made outside of the Epic Games store.

If you receive a refund for a game, you will also receive a refund for all in-app and downloadable content purchases you made through the Epic Games store for that game, so long as that content has not been consumed, modified, or transferred.

When are products eligible for a refund?

All games are eligible for refund within 14 days of purchase for any reason. However, you must have not played the game for more than 2 hours.

You will not be eligible for refunds for games from which you have been banned or for which you have otherwise violated the terms of service. In addition, you may not be eligible for refunds if Epic determines that you are abusing the refund policy.

Playing on XBX via XGP, feeling pretty good about it after about 2.5 hours. This is charming fun, snappy dialogue and a few amusing instances of flavor text. Inventory management is awkward and I don’t trust that “optimize” button.

6 hours on this today — it is --well, it is pretty great. Combat is interesting, exploration is fun. Even the loot is pretty interesting. Story? well ok average.

A pro tip if you bounced off this thing: play a mage. A starting mage is hilariously fun. Plus you get … oh nvm.

Best Turn-based rpg since Bard’s tale IV – WHICH I feel is going to get better here in a few weeks…

I played through the tutorial and created my character (Hunter). Thus far, I’m not feeling it. I played For the Kind a bit last week, and it had some of the same feel (turn-based ‘group’ combat, etc) so maybe I’m just tired of the formula. Plus, the not-as-freeform-as-it-seems, grid-based movement was awkward. I’ll play a bit more to see if it gels for me.

DonQ that is too bad. I played the heck of it today as a mage. Play bit more and please post here…

After playing a bit more I still dig it. I am very happy that I googled a bit before starting the game as a Mage is the only character you don’t get an NPC for. I have no idea how I would have won some of the boss battles if I didn’t have my Mage with his area elemental attacks. So yea, go Mage. I usually never play one but here it’s worthwhile.

What do you mean? There are two mage NPCs in the game. And lots of others that can gain magical abilities/skills.

I haven’t met a single mage one yet up until after Deva fortress, roughly 10 hours in. And the internet says there is no pure mage NPC. Not the fireball and blizzard kind anyway. The earliest NPCs you get are a Thief, Archer and Fighter. So for me playing a ranger or fighter is sub optimal to a Mage but of course that’s up to taste. Not playing a Mage won’t ruin the game of course as character customization is pretty great and the NPC seem to have unique skill trees anyway.

This does look pretty good. I didn’t even know it existed. I’m probably 50% done with Bards Tale 4, which I’m enjoying for the most part. Sometimes it involves a little too much wandering. The fact that this is compared to that is mostly a plus.

I’ve been getting tired of games before I finish them though - Divinity OS 2, Pathfinder Kingmaker, and I’m starting to get tired of Bard’s Tale 4 even though it’s pretty good. I wish these games were around 20 hours instead of 50+.

Then all I have to say is, keep playing and the internet is sometimes wrong.

OK, I am stuck… after Deva Fortress there is a room that is called “test of skill” with opening and closing trap doors and lightning coming down. I have spent roughly 2 hours of my life crossing this damn room and I am just not able too. best I managed is to get right to the exit just to fall down the hole again. Google showed me I am not alone with this. Sucks, but it looks like I can’t continue on and there is no way to bypass the thing.

May not be the answer you’re looking for but it is possible to get through that test. I guess the only real key is timing, and watching the floor. I ended up disregarding the lightning, personally.

I plan on hitting Deva Fortress tomorrow with my crew. I was watching for that answer. If I figure it out I will post.

I am sure it is, and will try again at some point. It’s mostly venting my frustration. I was never good at pattern recognition and I just don’t get it. It’s also a jarring break to what happened before that point. It’s more like a Grimrock puzzle and stands out for me.

Just started playing this one from the epic sale. Halfway through the dark forest. Fantastic game so far, and I particularly love the cutscene art direction. Anyone on the fence-- pick it up.

I am on the fence and that does help enable me :-)

I am right after the forest. Excellent game. I want to help enable you! Puzzles are just tough enough to be fun but not too tough. Combat and expiration is great. I’ll be moving forward tomorrow!