Operencia: Zen's Turn-based Hungarian-Folklore-Inspired Blobber

I was pleasantly surprised at the Game Pass release and downloaded that tonight. Also seems like I can download the Windows version too, which is fantastic (assuming the saves sync?). Can’t wait to dive in.

Can’t speak to syncing but I got it from the Windows store with my gamepass.

Agreed. I picked one of the other female warrior characters, but they all look great.

I also like the modular difficulty level selection at the end of the intro (automap or not, autosave or camp save only and regular vs perma death).

I’ve yet to start the actual adventure. But slightly cheesy voiceover aside, the game is off to a great start. I’m looking forward to exploring that first dungeon.

Yep. Although I had to restart… I needed that map. And it’s a very good one as well.

General thoughts…
I’m three hours in and I’m enjoying the game. So far:

  • Combat is fast, not dragging a lot, and the big monsters you need to grind down are always a threat/challenge so there’s no combat-fatigue so far

  • I’m always looking forward to level up and tweak my party further since the game’s mechanics are clearly laid out and therefore the game gives you a good sense of what’s needed and what’s working. That is motivating; e.g. my guys need more energy and I need more means to be efficient against enemies on the second and third row. My tank needs to be tankier.

  • Enemies do not spawn or respawn: great!

  • Story/writing remains good. It wants to be funny and ‘atmospheric’ at the same time… it’s working I think.

  • I can’t yet travel between different locations, but I want to because…

  • I’m missing all the secrets! Found only two so far. The game is telling you how many secrets you can find. I like that!

  • Some gameplay aspects are slowly evolving, e.g. how to find all the secrets… I have got a shovel now and I think there will be other tools to find secrets; or… what to do with my gold? There is a secret merchant I’m about to meet… ; and isn’t there crafting as well?

  • And at last… I wish the game was on Steam and people would talk about the game there… I’m not very familiar with reddit or discord and right now I’m somewhat lost ingame… whom to ask? And sometimes I just like to read about other players’ experiences. Of course it’s just flame war there. And there is not much going on the Epic store forum… I even would buy the game (instead of game pass)… if it was on Steam.

There was a great video review of this game on rpg codex. Ginger? Thank you for that. It seems like it might be a hidden gem.

I’d link it if I could figure out how,

Almost like Bards tale Iv without the all the puzzles.

Please keep your opinions going, I am almost starting to move to the epic store…

Oh, I’ve found out (-> Steam forum) the game’s performance isn’t all that bad but the fps were capped. That’s strange because I didn’t get constant 60fps, more like 48-60. Well, after I set my frame limit in the GameUserSettings.ini file to 144… I’m getting up to 144 fps… what a difference that makes! Very nice.

Well, I have decided to stop playing since I can’t figure out how the numbers are working in this game. I have figured out from what your three main stats (those without description - I call them: physical attack, defense, magic)… result. But I can’t figure out why e.g. an item gives you +37 magic… when the only thing the game is telling you is that it gives +2 intelligence…
And I can’t figure out so many other things regarding the numbers, e.g. what’s the relation between your main stats and how much damage you do…; I actually can’t figure out any of the stats at all.

Nevertheless - as mentioned before - the game gives you a good idea of what to do in combat and what’s to be improved - and it’s quite clear how to do so. But as soon as you care for the details… one can go crazy (as I did and hence decided to stop playing).

And really nobody out there… seems to care or to know. Found no hint anywhere (just one guy on reddit was asking similar questions… and got no answers).

main stats affect stats that are generated based on them. I saw a screen somewhere in game that said what each thing did, have you looked through the in-game help? Agility affects ranged damage, strength affects melee damage and each ability says which main stat affects it’s damage.

Yep, that I know. But you also got these three values (see picture below)… not attributes like strength, agility etc. …

Here’s a picture…

I know how these stats result from the attributes, skill bonuses and weapon bonuses. But I don’t know what they do… how they work. Great, I’m a 76 “swords”-guy… but what does this mean exactly?

Particularly odd seems to me that there are items that improve you attributes… and say so, but also heavily improve these stats without a name (picture above)… even if the item doesn’t give bonuses to attributes at all. Like a helmet that gives you +37 ‘magic’ (or whatever it is) but… without any mentioning in the item description.

Well, I’ll have another look ingame and see if I’m missing something…

This has one of the worst inventory/equipment UI I’ve ever seen in an RPG. It’s appalling.

Equipped items don’t disappear from the inventory to a separate place/paper doll. They stay there, highlighted in a certain way (a blue check in the top right corner). You have to mouse over them to see who in particular has the item equipped. And there is no way to see every item equipped on a specific character easily.

I use the Party-Screen (default P) for this. It should be the standard inventory screen since… yes, what you said, the regular inventory is useless… besides to look up quest/special items via the sort button.

Oh, that’s good then. I was really worried about this (I’m at the end of the first non tutorial dungeon, decided to go back after beating it because I forgot to do something; I know I’m about to get a third companion). I’ll check it out next time I fire it up. Thanks!

I went in with pretty high expectations (<3 Zen) and was not disappointed.

Really enjoyed the first couple hours. Looks & runs great on an X1S.

Loving the graphics, voice acting and art. The journal with character-written descriptions is a really nice touch. Instantly forgot that combat tutorial with what felt like 25 pop ups in a row. Hopefully it doesn’t come back to bite me at some point.

So, it looks like it’s 20 dollars on Epic Right now, and you get 10 dollars off the first purchase. I wonder if it’s worth it as my first game purchased on Epic?

this game is exactly what I’m looking for right now and I’m so sad that it probably won’t run on my PC :(

The game is exactly what I was looking for and I’ve been enjoying it (though I’ve been lacking the time to play those past few weeks). It’s exactly what it says on the tin: party based, grid and turn based RPG.

If that tempts you, you should enjoy it.

Not sure if you have Gamepass but you can try the game on both PC and Xbox via that route…not that you need to since the sale price is low enough, but thought I would mention that option.

Thank you. I never did pick up the game pass because I’m always afraid that I’ll forget that I have it, and not use it (I know, it was a dollar!). It happened to me when I got 2 months of free Kindle unlimited.

As for low enough. 11 dollars is about my limit for impulse purchases. That backlog is… it just annoys me that I probably won’t play all of those games before I die.

Then you could try shifting your perspective: until the day you die, you will have multiple games to choose from! You will never be bored.

I’m digging Operencia, guessing I’m maybe 2/3 of the way through. It is satisfying I’m an old school way of playing, but updated with modern conveniences.

Just got this in the Epic sale and so glad I did. I bounced hard of Grimrock One and Two as I just couldn’t get into them, could never figure out why. Now I know. It’s the Characters.I like I don`t create the whole party but rather just my main and have a few NPC join with their own personality. The banter during the quests and while resting really improves the game for me . The whole setting is also much more fairy tale like with a dose of whimsy I appreciate. Just entered Deva Fortress. Will have to go back to some places soon to dig up more secrets.

I have a mage as my main and have trouble keeping her alive during big fights. Probably wasn’t the smartest idea stacking Int up the whazoo without investing in some vigor. 50 HP just don’t cut it anymore.