Opinion Changed on Oblivion

I still think vanilla Oblivion is a namby pamby Barbie RPG, but with a few mods the game actually takes life and becomes fairly entertaining. I’m mostly talking about MMM 2.0 and OOO 1.31, but I’ve got a few other mods on there.

I like both of these mods. MMM adds a lot of spawns, geomancy, the ability to craft your own gear and weapons, and a bunch of monsters. OOO adds several new wild factions, some dungeons, and messes with levelling and the economy.

Both of them are fairly profession and quite awesome, but I wasn’t really impressed until I hit lvl7. That was when the fun started happening.

I was wandering around near Skingrad, gathering herbs and generally messing around. Gametime was midnight, with a nice full moon. I stopped to admire it, and instead found myself watching as three arrows passed in front of my face. I turn to look and find myself facing ten skeletons charging me across an open field.

After a good bit of dodging, hiding behind boulders, and dealing with a few skeletons that needed to die twice, I was victorious.

Beyond a doubt, it was the most awesome fight I have ever had in Oblivion, up until that point. It sure beat the heck out of that lame boss fight at the end of the game. Instead of normal Oblivion, where you mostly fight creatures alone, or in twos and threes, both of these mods believe in fighting large numbers. This can be tough, but it is also frequently kick ass.

I highly recommend breaking out Oblivion for a second go through with both of these mods enabled.

I haven’t tried MMM, but I second the praise for OOO. It made Oblivion much better game for me.

Lots of RPGs are barbie, that’s half the fun.

Been replaying Oblivion a bit lately. My character is basically now an eccentric rich guy who occasionally wanders into dungeons to add some more money to his already appalling collection of wealth, or supply some more baubles to decorate his many houses. I find something strangely appealing about going into a dungeon in my 100% chameleon suit and summoning Dremora Lords to beat up on the hapless denizens within.

Chameleon is so cheap and unbalanced it isn’t even funny. Anyway, if you want a challenge try killing town guards.

A 75% or so Shield suit is also pretty much cheating. Great for working up
that armour skill, though.

Any download sites that don’t require registrations for these files?

I don’t really want a challenge at this point – it’s actually fun to be absurdly overpowered.

OMG - That’s great, love the added “includes tag”

Aleck- You should be able to pull marts off for free using the Basic option as for OOO going to do a little poking. Poking done and you can get them ( both the 1.3 and patch 1.31 ) for free without registering.

Aeon- Welcome to the real oblivion.

tessource requires registration for only the really big files, but they never ask you to pay (there is only a donation link that is only on the front page).

I must suppose that I’m in the minority when I say that I enjoyed the game as is. I’ve recently begun playing it again with an advanced character and it’s just as much fun as I had from the beginning. The addons have certainly enriched the experience, but I’ve long been satisfied with the gameplay from the start. I won’t deny that the UI mod was a welcome improvement, but the various leveling, AI, texture and companions mods didn’t really make much of an impact to the gameplay for me. It was and is a fun game. That’s all that I need to justify my purchase and time invested in it. It goes without saying that YMMV.

What did you mean?

‘Includes Horse Armor’
Very droll.

TBH, I haven’t played it much since that fight (which, I guess, makes the title a misnomer), because the “real” Oblivion is still Barbie. Its just Barbie: Now With More Baddies!

And the only true joy I’ve ever gotten out of Barbies was when I threw them at my dog and watched her tear them to shreds. Which was AWESOME.

I guess I’m just not a PvE person, really.

Well, I suppose there are going to be a thousand more people who have no idea what TES is like when TES V comes out to bitch, right?

MMM 2.0 is not compatible with Fransesco’s Creature pack addition. Does anyone know which mod has the better monsters?

You will find the big Oblivion mods on the usual torrent sites, also.

I just grabbed MMM and OOO for a replay of Oblivion, now what leveling mod do people recommend? I never want to have to try and control when I level so as to maximize stat bonuses. None of that “Hmm, I just need two more skill levels to get a 5, guess I’ll put a wrench on the ‘c’ key and go make a cup of coffee”.

Any other mods that are must haves? Any really good player made content I should grab?

There’s a mod that gives you the max for each stat regardless of what skills you use. I use it, but I can’t remember which one it is. Do a search for it though…it’s well worth it.

There are a bunch out there, but the simplest -and tis still plus5always