Oppenheimer - A Christopher Nolan movie about the nuclear bomb

Starring Cillian Murphy, releasing in 2023.

There’s some discussion in the Tenet thread: Christopher Nolan's TENET (2020) - #389 by Telefrog

Maybe it could be discussed in its own thread instead? :)

Hmm, but we already have the best movie of this possible.


Oh, yes, the Demon Core. It killed two people. But that’s what happens when you are messing about with a plutonium core on the edge of criticality, and you’re using a screwdriver to prop it up.

Nolan, science, I need nothing more.


Back in 1980, there was a very good Masterpiece mini-series on Oppenheimer starring Sam Waterston. Spoiler: Teller does not come off well.

Damn it. One more thing to schedule around if they ever want Edge of Tomorrow 2 to happen.