Oppenheimer - A Christopher Nolan movie about the nuclear bomb

Starring Cillian Murphy, releasing in 2023.

There’s some discussion in the Tenet thread: Christopher Nolan's TENET (2020) - #389 by Telefrog

Maybe it could be discussed in its own thread instead? :)

Hmm, but we already have the best movie of this possible.


Oh, yes, the Demon Core. It killed two people. But that’s what happens when you are messing about with a plutonium core on the edge of criticality, and you’re using a screwdriver to prop it up.

Nolan, science, I need nothing more.


Back in 1980, there was a very good Masterpiece mini-series on Oppenheimer starring Sam Waterston. Spoiler: Teller does not come off well.

Damn it. One more thing to schedule around if they ever want Edge of Tomorrow 2 to happen.

Damon is going to have to start eating heavily or wear a fat suit to portray Groves.

I think it would be nice for Nolan to make a movie that doesn’t have to be all puzzley. I feel like he’s gotten shoehorned into that mode the same way everyone expected every Shyamalan film to have a mind-blowing twist.

Oppenheimer could be a great subject for a film, but I’d rather see Barbie.

you perv.

Greta Gerwig doing a Barbie movie is, well, certainly interesting.

But, hey, quite a double-feature that day!

Back in the early 80’s there was an excellent Masterpiece miniseries about Oppenheimer starring a young Sam Waterston.


The Trinity test was filmed using conventional explosives; no CGI was used (apparently).

Among other actors, also includes Emily Blunt as Kitty Oppenheimer, Gary Oldman as Truman, Matt Damon as Leslie Groves (the Paul Newman character in Fat Man and Little Boy), and Alden Ehrenreich as Richard Feynman.

— Alan

The book was a good read, if perhaps a bit long. Looking forward to seeing what Nolan does with it.

Here’s a bit of recent news of interest:

Decent trailer, but it will have to really be good, to live up to Fat Man and Little Boy.

I’d say I need his brother writing the script for him, but after the decline of Westworld, I’m not so sure anymore. It’s still true that he’s responsible for all of Chris Nolan’s better movies.

I vividly remember that scene from Fat Man and Little Boy from way back when I was a little boy. It’ll be hard for this movie to have the same impact, especially when Chernobyl has already given us a modern treatment of the horrors of radiation.

It would be great to see some of the levity from this era juxtaposed against the gravity of the project. Richard Feynman’s autobiography recounts tales of safecracking pranks, fixing mechanical calculators, and late nights in bars, once accidentally ordering the most expensive bottle available. He was also likely the only person to witness the test explosion in vivid color, having realized something something about how the dangerous part was blocked just as well by a windshield or some such. An overwhelming dread overcame him for a long time after that.

I expect nothing of the sort.