Oppenheimer - A Christopher Nolan movie about the nuclear bomb

Early reviews are saying it’s a world shaking masterpiece. Curious to see how it hits when it’s more broadly available.

Oh man, it’s coming out the weekend I plan to see Mission Impossible on IMAX. Damn it. I wonder which movie they’ll be showing on the IMAX screens that day? I want to see both, but that weekend I really want to see Mission Impossible.

I’m a huge Nolan fan and have every expectation of loving this film and seeing it multiple times in the theater, but the praise it’s been receiving so far has me raising an eyebrow. I’m really curious what’s so special about this one.

And I can’t wait until next Friday morning to find out, which I’m taking off of work to go see a morning IMAX showing.

If I had to guess, since it’s a period piece or a true story or whatever it needs to be called to indicate that he can’t go afield with the narrative too far, it might be that a master director has been boxed into telling a proper story without adding in twists and whatnot. Nolan’s a genius but I feel he often gets in his own way on movies. As long as the sound isn’t Nolan Sound then I will eagerly watch anything he does.

Honestly looking at his run from Batman Begins (never seen Memento or Insomnia) through Dunkirk is comparable to few directors. It stacks with the best era of Cameron, whose run from the 80’s may be the best any blockbuster director ever had.

I absolutely loved most of the films in that span, but man Tenet pissed me off but good. Were it not for that I’d be 10/10 on hype here.

Still incredibly excited

A lot of the drama in Interstellar came from science that was exaggerated into fictional territory, but it was ultimately physics that was the enemy. Here physics is even more ominous, despite the absence of exaggeration.

What it’s really up against is the movie that already told this story. The pure mechanics of filmmaking have improved since then, but it will have to channel the raw emotion of the events even better to justify its existence. Nolan is usually somewhat muted on the emotional front, but he’s at his best when it’s in response to a natural force.

I’ve loved all of his films from Following on. I think PT Anderson is the only other director with a comparable track record in my book.

Agreed, and I hope he branches out into all the other personalities involved. I’m a big fan of Feynman and his contemporaries, I’d love to see a movie giving them time. Oppenheimer was ultimately in charge but he was also the administrator of it, not the geniuses behind it.

For those seeing it in the theatre, do yourself a favour and bring hearing protection in case Nolan decides to once again blast your eardrums for 3 hours straight. I got chronic tinnitus from seeing Tenet in the theatre and it could happen to anyone.

Well you just missed the best movie Nolan has ever made (Memento) and one of the best crime thrillers I have seen with the awesome late Robin Williams in it (Insomnia).

Insomnia is solid. A bit of an odd man out since it’s the only film he directed without writing, but well-made and enjoyable. And Nolan does the commentary track with the scenes in shooting order, so there’s that, too.

Let’s be real, it’s Jonathan Nolan who deserves most of the writing credit for his brother’s best movies. He’s been absent mostly for the weaker ones like Inception. (ie the tutorial for how to watch a movie like Inception)

Tenet wishes it was Inception

If you want a “mind bending” movie that knows how to minimize exposition and actually tell a story with its surreal setting, The Matrix already did it way better than Inception. If you want to see a director recover his dignity, there’s always Interstellar.

I’d put Tenet above Inception, but I love both.

Also, let’s just compare what Jonathan Nolan has written without Christopher, and what Christopher has written without Jonathan. Christopher comes out well ahead in my book.

Westworld’s first season was nearly perfect. It’s certainly on par with the best of their joint work.

But all of his writing on Westworld was either with a writing partner (Lisa Joy or Halley Gross) or written by someone else entirely.

If you want solo writing, I think it’s just the pilot episode of Person of Interest, and his Memento Mori short story.

Maybe he does his best work in collaboration? Whatever the case, he’s been a factor in Memento, The Prestige, The Dark Knight, and Interstellar, which are the best Nolan movies, whichever way you order them.

His reputation is marred more by Dark Knight Rises than anything else. It shares with the later Westworld seasons a bit of “Now what?” syndrome.

Opinions differ and all, but you definitely are a minority voice on… all of that

Tenet actually made me angry. Like legitimately pissed me off while watching it, and it all had to do with the sound mixing. And that is damned hard to do.

I won’t rehash here, but I laid it out in the actual thread.