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This is amazing on so many levels.

If you were to catch a glimpse of this world you would figure that someone got out of control with TNT and made a giant scar of the whole world. The results look very similar. It’s something even scarier though. Something worse. What you’re looking at is the result of human interaction with limited resources. In a very coordinated experiment 30 players spent 2-5 hours playing in a 350x350 world trapped in bedrock. To keep everything fair the server was only running when everyone was available to play. These screenshots come from 2 months after the experiment started. I would personally like to thank everyone that participated (who wished to stay anonymous). To make things more organized world chat use was discouraged unless you had a global message. Communication was to be minimal and done through third party programs. The limited/restricted communication made groups/clans/guilds possible.

The players were unaware of what I was testing; they went into the server with the following rule: “Never leave the bedrock walls”. Some players realized the challenge at hand immediately, but most were unaware of how devastating the consequences of their actions would be. First resource to go was clay, clay became completely depleted in three days.

That was a good read!

Very interesting experiment, though I can’t say I’m surprised by the result. :-/

There are elements of that story that simply don’t make sense, and if you read the whole thread a number of serious holes are punched in it.

It is interesting to see what gets fought over in a resource restricted game.

I suspect the ‘outcome’ was so one sided as some of the players probably knew each other before hand.

It would be interesting to see this take place in fully-pre-organized groups versus ad-hoc.

Or else you take your 30 guys and give them bland account names, and not allow them to reveal their true identities and make it a free for all. Only alow them ingame communication with some mod so they can form group channels and such as they discover each other, and completely abolish global chat.


A new generation recoils!

Yeah, that post really sounds like the fakest post in Faketown… 30 people form four separate groups? No screenshots with any people in them? Nobody builds up to the magical floating fortress?

Fun little story, with unfortunate parallels to the real world and its limited resources.

I’m skeptical of this story though, especially that part about people spontaneously organizing into guilds, or rampant strip mining down the bedrock, or an unassaultable skybase. I also like to think that people are more forward thinking about resource availability, given that grass doesn’t actually disappear until you actively destroy it. And really, a bucket shortage? I’m sure there are genuine Minecraft griefers out there who would create artificial shortages by destroying materials, and it’s plausible in the short term, but I wonder how many people would stick it out for the full duration.

As fiction, it’s up there with the post-apocalyptic survival stories. I like to imagine I would have built a skybase. Of course, I would probably also proceed to try and flood the world using infinitely-created water.

Eh, given how much recognition for cool stuff you do is such a big deal on the web, I’d be amazed if you could find 30 people who wanted to remain anonymous about anything; especially anything that cool sounding.

That and all the basic stuff (There has never been a time in minecraft development where pistons existed and grass spawned animals simultaneously; no one only takes a few parts of an obsidian portal and then replaces it with cobblestone; water + lava = obsidian and there is ample amount in the screenshots; there is surface dirt, iron, etc. in the screenshots, yadda, yadda) makes this pretty clearly fake.

The guy who wrote it is apparently going ot interview with PC Gamer; I hope the guy giving the interview learns some stuff about this story and asks some of the harder questions that would require good answers.

Orginizing into groups doesn’t seem all that unusual, even more so if the people knew each other beforehand. The OP posted a bit about those 2 guys and their unassualtable patch. Basically, he said one of them would go out and grief people, and the other would stay back and shoot anyone who tried to get up… I don’t honestly think this would happen unless you had something on the line. I’m assuming there was some kind of prize he was giving out for whoever was in the best shape at the end? It was a fun story, anyway.

Also, last I checked, it was possible to make cobblestone generators, which would be viable/defensible with a proper guild. There’s also a distinct lack of nether materials in those screenshots.