Optimus Prime endorses WoW:

I wonder how much Silvio got paid for saying 2 lines, one of which is just an impression.

Optimus did the v/o for the Auto Assault trailer.

— Alan

I like the end of the Ozzy commercial.

Could you imagine Ozzy on vent?


I can’t understand what Ozzy Osbourne is saying. Is it “please kill me”?

Neat commercials, but where exactly was optimus prime in them?

I think it’s “Shannnon!” (at the end)


Ahh, I listened on crappy earbuds because I’m at work, so I didn’t catch that.

Aw crap, I was all hyped to see Optimus Prime actually talking about his Warcraft character… :(

The ozzy one is pulled which makes no friggin sense. If it’s a legit advertisement, then it means more people just see it. Why would they pull that?

Edit: If you click the person who uploaded it, it loads from there. Weird. I loved the Ozzy one.

Uh, Sharon (his wife’s name).

Hilarious, isn’t it? Companies strive to tap viral advertising, but someone hosts their ad for free and what do they do?

That’s what I was expecting too, based on the thread title… like CG Optimus Prime talking about how he plays WoW.

Didn’t watch “The Osbournes” in years but of course you are right. :)

Just saw the ozzy one on TV. God damn it, it is pretty funny. Also, do people REALLY have that much trouble understanding him?

Sorry, I was just joking, I could understand him. He just looks like a deer that’s been hit with a truck, is all.

Also, do people REALLY have that much trouble understanding him?

Unless you have a crazy uncle or a grandparent going senile, most people don’t have the training to understand his particular brand of mumbling. I missed half the shit he said on the show.