Options for broadband internet in a hotel

So I moved across the country for a new job. Yay!
But the hotel I’m staying at temporarily (until the end of September) has horrible internet. It’s there, technically, but it cuts out and is totally unstable. I gots ta get my WoW fix!

Are there any options, like 4G something-or-other in Providence, RI? The final hitch is that I don’t want to sign a two-year contract for what will likely just be two months.

Can’t you get a new hotel?
Being stuck somewhere without internet for 2 months would rank as if the hotel had no running water for me…

I hope you have your own bathroom…

There are places that rent wireless aircards (USB dongles that connect to a wireless carrier for internet.) I would pursue that option. In the majority of cases, it’s not the actual internet stability of the hotel, it’s the wireless stability. Request a room with a working wired connection if possible, and if that doesn’t work, you could always ask work if you can rebook elsewhere because you can’t “VPN from the hotel.” Work might even kick in for a rented aircard.

I went out and got a Clear 4G modem ($90) and unlimited (seriously, no caps) internet for $45/month with no contract. So far, so good!

That’s an insanely low price. You did well, sir. I have a 3G for $65 a month with a 2GB cap that work pays for when traveling. Sadly, that’s still a better deal that most hotel wireless access.