Opus Magnum (from Zachtronics of SpaceChem/Infinifactory fame)


Oh hell yes. Space Chem is great.


Oh cool, looks like it apparently won’t be in EA for too long either.


If this really is closest to SpaceChem, then I’ll be happy. The other recent games of his are interesting, but I can’t really say I find them fun. Including Infinifactory.


I’ve got 20 hours in SpaceChem, so if this game can work similar magic I’ll be happy. I’ve only made it to the 4th out of around 10 worlds. I should go back to it. One of my top puzzle / logic games.


If it is like SpaceChem, then easily day 1 purchase. Why? Because this is a developer who made one game that both torments me and entertains me at the same time. Sadly, I never have devoted time to Infinifactory or Ironclad Tactics, both of which I also own, but I will play eventually. But the name is enough right now to say “yes, support this guy!”


Space Chem 2, yes please!


It’s up for purchase!


Hex based, clockwork spacechem? Good Lord.


Nearly 500 people playing as we speak. Seems pretty good for a puzzle game.


I barely got started last night – through the tutorial and the first 4 or so puzzles. I am definitely liking it so far. Quick article is up on RPS, as well.


Man, this is really good so far. Something about this appeals to me a lot more than SpaceChem did initially. I’m a shallow person. The art in SpaceChem just never appealed to me, while this really looks great.


Yes - the graphics are much nicer in this.

I finished the first chapter last night, and so far the difficulty curve is pretty good. Although, I was stuck for a time on the new solitaire game(!). I also haven’t used the tracks at all, which is a bit worrying. No doubt there will be a future puzzle that requires them, then I will go back and refactor earlier puzzles.


Too many good games recently - can’t buy them all!!!

Opus Magnum, Battle Chasers, Hob, Kingdom’s and Castles, Battlestar Galactica Deadlock, Tooth and Tail -
not to mention ones I already bought - new Wolfenstein, The Golf Club 2, Bottom of the 9th, Through the Ages, Cuphead.

This year is finishing pretty strong.


I am still irritated they never fixed spacechem on ios. But then they just kept releasing awesome game after awesome game. I usually get a decent bit into each before it breaks my brain, but up to that point it’s awesome.

So as soon as I finish my current obsession it’s off to Opus Magnum.


This game is a delight! Not got far but this is the best “Zachlike” yet, Fact!


I got through the first chapter, and loving it so far.

It is basically Spacechem 2. You are even making molecules again. But it is so much more charming visually and story wise than Spacechem. It might surpass it in my mind once all’s done (so far only multi-factory puzzles seem missing, keeping every puzzle constrained enough).


Am I the only one that keeps – over and over – building the molecules backward? Unlike SpaceChem, the shape matters, and I keep ending up with mirror images, so I have to take a picture of my screen and reconstruct the entire thing flipped horizontally. Is there some way to mirror the “product” object?


I know from a video I watched that you can drag a box to select objects and copy them. Maybe you can flip them too.


The product output has a draggable circle that rotates it.


Yeah, you can rotate, but not mirror image. Like…


is not the same thing as