Opus Magnum (from Zachtronics of SpaceChem/Infinifactory fame)


Wanna tell you story
About woman I know
When it comes to lovin’
She steals the show
She ain’t exactly pretty
Ain’t exactly small
Fourt’two thirt’ninefiftysix
You could say she’s got it all

I can’t believe this over-complicated mess actually works. Now that it works it’s time to optimize… This game should be called Optimize Magnum, because that’s the real game.


There’s a new version out. For some reason I had to run the re-validation multiple times; on the first time it seemed to just score one of my solutions for each level. The second time around it was fine.

I just tried for like an hour to lay this out without that stupidly inelegant extra piston arm in the lower left. Just always had an arm socket end up on the travel path of the big piece. Then I finally gave up just to have a solution, put in the piston arm, and realized that it wasn’t actually losing me any time…


I had totally zapped by that game, because I didn’t enjoy any of their games after Spacechem, but wow, this thread put it on my watchlist!


Is the new version 1.0 or is it still EA?


All these gifs just need Powerhouse adding to them.

Best factory music. Oh man, it’s perfect.


Perfect song.

I’ve been playing through the game to the soothing sounds of Meshuggah, myself.


Yiddish death metal? What?


Yiddish by way of Sweden.


Can people shoot me a friend request on Steam? I’m robc04

I need some leaderboard scores to shoot for. A friend on the first puzzle has some crazy cycles that I can’t even imagine matching.


They just reset the scores (probably due to changing some puzzles, or fixing some exploit), so the problem isn’t that you lack Steam friends :) Everyone will just need to reverify + submit their solutions to get back on the leaderboard. It’s in the options menu.


I added you, my cycles on the first puzzle are pretty ridiculous (thanks jsnell for the challenge) but a lot of my other solutions are fairly unoptimised right now.


Are you FreezerBag? Those cycles are nuts too! That’s one better than my other friend had. I was able to match jsnell. I can’t imagine how I’d get down to your cycles.

@jsnell, thanks for the reminder. I forgot about them resetting leaderboards.


Hm, for me it’s showing me and @Richard_Holt at 62 cycles on that puzzle. What’s it look like on your end?


I’m talking about the first one at the end of the tutorial - something about water. You and I have 27 and he has 17 (I think).


I’m down to 16 on Stabilized Water, I’m convinced there’s another cycle to eliminate, but it’s alluding me.


You might might alluding to elude.


I would never even think to shoot for these cycle times if not for everyone else’s scores and the histogram.


Aargh. I think I have to buy this game.


Yes you have. It’s awesome.


I’m usually just happy to get a solution at all :P