Opus Magnum (from Zachtronics of SpaceChem/Infinifactory fame)


My 21 cycles Airship Fuel solution definitely falls into the ‘bullshit’ category. I had such a nice idea of how to achieve maximum throughput, but ended up hacking some nonsense together.


Excellent stuff here - plenty to chew over, thanks.


I finally got my Airship Fuel down to 29. It took me ages to get things moving in a way where atoms didn’t collide.


Didn’t SpaceChem validate that solutions would run beyond creating the number of compounds before giving the player credit for solving it?


I believe it did.


I’m just going to leave this here for those of you who might be interested:


Well the Production Alchemy mini campaign is breaking my brain.


Uh, yeah. I can’t figure out the first one! I’m not seeing how to put everything together for output…


Ooooh, space limitations!!!


Edit: finished Silver paint. Very inefficient output yet a good brain teaser. I’m so glad they added these puzzles. They feel much better that the originals (because I don’t have enough of a drive to optimize once solutions are found).


Good job GOG.


Ha ha ha, just woke up, and that made my day, thank you for relaying it!


WTH? Gwent looks more like a mobile game than this one.


Sad he didn’t list Google Play Store as an option. :p


If GOG really said that, it must have been someone new (or completely stupid). All his other games are there on GOG. Why wouldn’t his best one be?


My daughter saw me playing it and wanted to try.

She’s not super into efficiency.


The two-phase setup is pretty cool though.


Who cares about efficiency? That is awesome.

It’s sad to realize I bought this game yesterday as an afterthought and now it looks likely to be my GOTY…


Need more friends! I have wavey, elsquonk, jesnell & tleaves (BobJustBob as well). Currently on the second puzzle in Chapter V, not to much to say other than it’s pretty much what you would expect from Zachtronics. They just keep improving their formula over and over. Every new game is my new favorite.

This however is getting close the point where I usually give up on their games. I do 95-99% but it’s that last part that makes me take a break and then never come back.

I have been cruising along nicely up to this point, now I am just looking at this and going ug. Looks like one of those you pretty much have to find the ‘trick’ or you are going to be in a world of hurt.


Just picked it up, does it use Steam friends? Anyone feel free to add me (Leeabe on Steam), I suck at this kind of stuff though…


Yes, you can compare your results to all your friends on Steam. I am typically in the middle, optimizing for cost and area because I can’t help myself. I want to optimize for cycles but it just physically hurts me everytime I put down a new component or sprawl outwards.