Oral sex for a Wii?

No nudity in the article, but links to some nude pics - http://www.taultunleashed.com/phpbb2/post-250308.html

I guess some folks just got to have one.

Having read the thread (oh, my eyeballs), she said she needed it for her kids. Still bad decision-making, but.

The thread title made me think that this was a new game announcement. I’ll bet the “Oral Sex” game would make great use of the Wiimote.

Seems fair to me, if not skewed in her favor.

Oh, in contrast, I found out through a friend that my old boss has been lying to people on craigslist about his son having cancer to try to get one. So this really isn’t that bad.

Why would anyone want to trade a Wii for a kid with cancer? I might trade one for a healthy kid, maybe, but a dying one? Not likely!

I cannot believe your immediate reaction to that was anything other than “what an unbelievable scumbag.”

Not that I know this from experience, but careful watching of movies with prostitutes leads me to below a blowjob typically costs less than $250.

$15 in the right part of town. A bit more if you want quality. For $250, you can get MUCH more, even from a higher quality wh…ummm, nevermind. I have no idea what you are talking about, Steve.

You may have misread. Though it admittedly could be interpreted differently, I read it as being $250 plus a blowjob (to completion no less, though retention or dismissal of post-blowjob residue is not discussed and may need to be separately negotiated).

You must have never met Ben. I thought we were actually doing pretty well when he didn’t say “If it were the cancer kid and a meat grinder I might go for it.”

Who, the guy that got offered the blowjob? I don’t see much scummy about him. Hell, if he took the offer I wouldn’t see anything too scummy about it (unless he was married or something).

I’m the only one that thought this was about people ‘sucking off’ their consoles, right?

Hair in pics one and two are different. Since the OP in that thread doesn’t have any proof, aside from some pictures that he could have gotten from anywhere, I’m gonna call shenanigans.

Finally someone found a way to end the Wii shortage. If this story gets out thousands of Wii consoles will be unleashed on craig’s list for original price plus a little sutm’ sutm’.

Also how can anyone not see the irony in a thread about blowjobs and a console game called the Wii.


Yuri, we tried to hold in the Wii + Blowjob jokes…

Either way, I have to totally agree. Go for it man. Its a fricken Wii. You not only get the money for another one, but a little gratification as well.

Yeah as we speak hundreds of men are roving the malls looking for blowjobs and end up going home to play with their wii.

However if you sell your console for a blowjob you can spend hours roving the malls looking for a Wii and go home and play with nothing.

Nintendo the jokes, they write themselves.

Again Yuri -lol’d after second time reading it-

I’ve been watching the Brticom Green Wing that takes place in a hospital and they wee quite often.

No, my boss who was telling people his son had cancer to get them to sell him one.