Orbital decay


For those of us who loved the style from Tail of Beta Lyrae, Scramble and Oids comes a great mix of tower defence, old school shooter and very bad writing.

Love it.

I loved it too, at first anyway. After playing through it a few times I think it needs some balancing. The gun emplacements don’t seem to be much use relative to just maxing out your firing speed, your healing bots, and everything about your launch bays - once you do that, your fighter screen pretty much takes care of everything, and the game almost plays itself - plus half or more of the action takes place in offscreen dogfights…it becomes pretty boring this way.

The concept is fantastic, but the execution is uneven. The beauty of kongregate though is how quickly folks iterate on good ideas, here’s hoping either the original developer or someone else runs with this…kudos to the original developer too, great idea.

Yeah, the turrets are also imbalanced. Rocket turrets don’t seem to be useful at all, and flak turrets have such low range they barely come into play.

Just 2 flaks on the front of your ship if you’re scared, 2 or 3 rockets (spread among the ship), and the rest lasers seems to be the best thing to do after you have your fighters up. The fighter screen is too powerful, I’d admit.

bah. end stage had an exciting moment, then you get a crappy text screen “ending.”