Orbital Racer: 6DOF Space Simulator crossed with a racing game

Ok, wow. I’d never heard of this. But @BrianRubin’s attempt to keep this game a secret was foiled by the voting in the Quarterlies:

Here’s a trailer:

My favorite part of X-wing and X-wing Alliance was the racing through the rings portion of the game. I wonder if this can be a worthy successor to the racing portion of X-wing Alliance? The trailer certainly makes me think this is similar.

Yeah, it’s as if someone took the ring courses from X-Wing/TIE Fighter/Independence War and made a full-on racing game out lf them. SO GREAT.

It has two modes, arcade and full-on simulation. I’ve only done arcade so far. The AI can be brutal, the powerups can be hilarious, and the racing is just pure fun.

Oh, also, we’re having the developer on our podcast next week, FYI.