Orcs Must Die 2

The control scheme is weird. Right trigger to shoot a weapon, I think X or Y to lay down a trap, but you have to select the traps/items from the spell book first, and that involved my fumbling around to bring it up (I forget which button I used). The regular game would be fine because it does give build breaks, but I’d hate to think of the stress that would be playing OMD2 in nightmare with a controller where it is always on the go. Consider it money well saved, as much as I enjoyed the game, I believe Robot may have gone too far in the map design to make it suitable for co-op rather than single player gaming because of the stress involved in monitoring and building up multiple killzones.

OMD 1 is worth owning just for the extra content.

As well as being a better game overall.
They changed a lot of things between 1 and 2. Graphics are more cartoony and feel flatter, physics have been tuned making several traps much less useful (the pendulum in particular), and finally, 2 is pretty much only worth playing for co-op, as many levels are incredibly, inhumanly hard to beat alone. 1 was a fairly fun game for single player.

I played the first few levels with mouse and keyboard and it’s quite doable–are you playing on the couch in front of an HTPC setup or something?

Look 2 posts up from the one you quoted ;)

I don’t understand … it’s a 360 port of the game and it doesn’t support the controller? WTF?

I think he’s talking about the sequel, Orcs Must Die 2, which is PC-Only. No 360 version.

I am. This is the thread for the sequel isn’t it?
Anyway that was just my first disappointment with this game. My gaming these days is in front of the telly playing co-op games with my son. Current favorite is dungeon defenders, and I was hoping this can be played the same way.

Arise, O Thread!

I’ve been playing this lately and it gets balls hard to play by yourself. I guess the only way to do so is to barely win the necessary levels for more advanced traps to unlock, then grind skulls on early levels just to be able to afford upgrading those, then try to use the upgraded traps to do better on those levels you haven’t 5-skulled yet.
The one that’s giving me fits is the damned one where you first encounter flying enemies. You get way too little money and without having unlocked archers (to supplement the ones that come with the level) you’re pretty much unable to even keep any enemies from getting through.

That is pretty much the OMD formula and I’m OK with it because just getting through a level the first time can be quite the accomplishment. it’s been too long since I played to give any map specific advice, so good luck!

My recollection of the game, as well. Very fun, but yeah - you have to grind for those skulls. The first OMD was easier, imho.

The levels in OMD2 felt like they were designed around co-op, and I was Doing It Wrong by playing them solo. I didn’t get very far before I lost interest.

The first fliers they introduce are those “bilebats” who spit green poison at you that slows you down as well as robs health. They take out your archers too.

True. If you have someone else to play the game with, it’s great! I played through the entire game with my wife and we had a blast.

OMD 1 question here. If I earn a new skull on a map, why is it not available for upgrades?

So I was tearing my hair out trying to 5-skull the Lunch Break map, and finally managed to. Before I did so I had only 7 skulls available for upgrades, and after earning the 5th skull, there were still only 7. What am I missing? Shouldn’t I have 8 (which coincidentally is the number I need to upgrade a couple of low-end traps)?

Was it a skull that was dropped from killing an orc or one earned after finishing the map? It seems right you should have the extra skull but wondering if the game factors in dropped skulls for the map and won’t add anymore, so you have to five skull the map (if you haven’t already).

Edit. Yeah reread your post. I don’t understand either.

Thanks. Yeah, it’s just an extra skull for not letting any orcs through + doing it within the par time. Not letting any through gets you 4 automatically, but I’d already managed that. Getting it done within par time is the really hard part.

The only thing I can thing of is that it doesn’t autosave the game if you don’t start the next map and just go back to the campaign menu after the stats screen. Some old games of yore used to do things like that, namely require you to go onto the next map/level before it considered the previous one done. It really sucked.

Edit: I thought I had the answer, but I was wrong.

Also this thread made me look into OMD3 and wondering when it will be released for Steam, given the shutdown of Stadia and the fact I have zero interest in using that service. Looks like there is absolutely no news on that front.

What was the disproven theory?

I’m going to test mine by starting a new profile, doing the first map, then once done, going back to the campaign menu before hitting continue to take me to the next map.

I was checking something on the wiki page about skulls -

I misread the description and thought it was max of 4 possible skulls only per level. And the fifth would only be for completeness, for an achievement. But I don’t see an achievement for 5 skulling every level on normal or nightmare mode, and, as you’ve pointed out, the fifth skull is for finishing the level in par time with zero orcs through the portal. The wiki page says as much, just not as clearly until I read it a couple of times. It has to be a bug.

And given the dates of achievements for this game, did I seriously play it 10 years ago! There was even a special Steam Winter Sale achievement in there that I now remember. There’s only four I never bothered to get.