Orcs Must Die 3 is a 1 year stadia exclusive

Eh, not on normal difficulty really. The vast majority of early maps you can just wall off one path to consolidate the entire flow of orcs on to the other, then create a nice killing zone on the only viable path and you’re good. I’ve yet to run across a map where barricade juggling is really necessary, and of course later on they’ll get less useful as sappers and gnolls enter the picture.

While waiting for it to go on sale, I have been playing Sanctum 2. It’s an old game though, but if you can get the whole bundle for 5 dollars, it’s a nice enough addition to the genre.

I adore Sanctum and Sanctum 2. Some of my all-time favorite co-op tower defense games, right up there with OMD2 (I haven’t played enough of 3 yet to evaluate, though signs are good).

I’m thinking of a map from (I think) OMD2’s campaign where there are two big entry doors leading to wide breezeways with no ceiling, divided by a big pool of acid, overlooked by a wide raised central platform accessible via teleporters. The orcs that get past that go along parallel corridors with a ceiling over them and a raised stair-accessible area between them which finally meet up at the rift. You definitely have to do some barricade/trap swapping in the early waves there, or be a headshot master, I suppose.

I remember that map and I remember it being a pain in the ass. This may be one of those cases where it’s just plain easier in co-op, I didn’t play OMD2 much in single player.

It IS a royal PITA in single player if you want to five skull it, particularly. Even if you just want to keep any orcs out.

Gotta 5 skull everything, of course. :)

Yeah, I don’t remember how we ultimately solved that one, but I clearly recall the level because we spent a LOT of time on it. I don’t remember barricade swapping but it’s certainly possible we were doing it and it just wasn’t me that ended up in charge of it. I know upgraded push traps were our bread and butter on that one, though.

One of the things I love about the OMD games is how useful the non-direct-damage stuff often is. There are plenty of cases where you’re way better off with something that pushes, pulls, or distracts a monster instead of just going direct damage all the time.

On the business side of things, does anyone know if the exclusivity deal was bad/good for them?

I mean, no one outside of Google and Robot Entertainment’s management knows the figures that were paid, but these types of deals pay usually nicely enough for the developers - especially since Google likely was desperate for exclusives. And since it was exclusive to, well,… Stadia, it’s safe to assume that a large enough group of fans was just waiting for the exclusivity to drop and pick up OMD3 on Steam and the like. I bet a good number of people didn’t even know the game existed until the Stadia exclusivity went away. So, it’ll be solid sales on top of the exclusivity fee they received.

From the leaked info at what Epic paid the devs for their Epic Store freebies, it seemed the exclusivity period netted way less actual sales than what they got paid upfront to act as a temporary freebie.

Sorry this comment refers to devs in general not Robot.

Yeah, it was effectively a payment from Google to delay releasing for a year. That should more or less be free money.

Hey, question for anyone who’s bought and played this about your experiences with it. The recommended CPU is an Core i5 9000 series, but my own is an i7 6700, so I wonder if it’s worth it to buy this at $14.99 (current price at Indiegala). My graphics card is more than adequate (a 3060 Ti).

I think I played it for like 10 minutes and decided that I’m better off with my fond memories of OMD2.

Which isn’t to say this is bad, necessarily, but it gave me a strong whiff of OMD2.5 and that’s not something I currently need in my life. I played OMD2 into the ground.

Thanks for the reply. I really love OMD2 as well, but sometimes with that one I feel like it’s really meant to be played co-op. Is that also the case with what you saw of OMD3?

Very, very much so.

Hmm, guess I’ll hold off then.

I’ve played it on an i7-3770 w/ GF 1060 and 16 GB RAM - it was completely fine for at 1080p.

As for the game - yeah, it’s kinda OMD 2.5. Which for me was perfectly alright since it had been ages since I played OMD2. Co-op surely makes everything more fun and easier, but I had a good solo time with the game.

It’s definitely OMD 2.5 but that’s fine because OMD2 was great. The level design is a little less consistent here, but the war levels are interesting as are a lot of the new options. I played through it co-op and quite enjoyed it.

Given the extra comments I was tempted again to pick it up, so I went to the Indiegala product page for it and it said the $14.99 sale still had another hour to go. So I pop it in my cart, go to checkout and boom price is back up to normal. Don’t know what happened there-- maybe the price wasn’t for the US? But I wasn’t a new customer and my IP address would show I still live here at a US address.

So I guess I’m waiting for a better price now.

New DLC next month.