Orcs Must Die Unchained - F2P


I really wish they hadn’t gone F2P and certainly not PVP. I assume they did this in attempt to make a lot more money. OMD 3, with maybe a couple of more people in the group, I would have paid for outright. What they have now still sounds like torture.


And its live on Steam… Trailer here:

Graphic thingy of the BETA progress made up to release.


Release day patch notes:


They have no PvP anymore it seems.

Anyone tried it yet?


My son and a friend of his went in and did some co-op. After a couple hours of play they both seemed to really be liking it. I’ll probably check it out some this weekend.


I played it awhile back, both before and after they removed the pvp mode. It’s a fun coop game. Similar in overall feel to Dungeon Defenders but feels better done and I like the aesthetic better.


Is it like the 2nd one yet? I mean 2 was a lot of fun. I just wanted more than 2 people in it.


It feels a fair amount like the 2nd one to me, at least the modes I’ve played. I think it’s 3 people per run instead of 2. might be 4 but thought it was 3


Not seeing this in Xbox One store yet. Liked the first one, missed the second. Will give this a try when I see it.


As far as i know it isn’t coming to XB1 anytime soon if at all. I saw mention of PS4, but not XB1.


Ah. Well, I guess I know where I’m not wanted.


Isn’t this a monitzied game? Like super grindy or something, but you can buy orc bucks for $4.99 and get that thing you really wanted?


you just described about 80% of the games from the last 8 years or so fwiw.


So my son & I played this for about 3 hours tonight, or I should say we played 2 hours together as the game requires you to complete a 1 hour “tutorial” that is single player before you can move on.

As the tutorial doles out a few traps & XP, allowing you to upgrade one of your traps, I’m not sure what happens if you skip it (I read somewhere that it is skippable and I’ll admit I didn’t search long).

They have a stupid timer at the beginning of the round. I say stupid because when you are playing a map for the first time - and some of these are quite large with multiple entrances, you really need more time. I grew very frustrated with this.

There is no “restart” ability. You need to exit, reform the party & restart the level. Very tedious if you’re just trying to get another star.

Friend integration into Steam is very weak. To play with others, you are presented with a screen where it’s not completely obvious that you have to add a friend - and while it uses Steam names, you HAVE TO TYPE IT IN. Seriously? Why can’t they just display my friends list & let me pick? So if you have a friend who has one of those cockeyed names, you get the joy of trying multiple times to get the name right.

Play-wise, it’s very similar to Orcs must die but the grind is pretty steep. They have an online store where they let you buy gold and “weekly passes” and skulls for a set amount. I don’t mind rewarding them, but I have a feeling the cost for things will increase exponentially at some point. New heroes are 12,000 skulls and I earned about 2,500 in 3 hours of play tonight so you can do the math if you want the other 13 heroes or if you want to spring $29.99 for all 16 heroes at once.

They have increasing rewards for logging in every day - get some free stuff and their specials in the store will change so I bought a new trap tonight (lightning wall trap) because the RNG to get new traps just sucks.

For completing levels and how well you do, you get chests and in my limited play-time, these chests give “common points” on specific traps which you need 100 of these to upgrade from level 1 to level 2 (I’m sure these will increase for each level). I got 1 new trap in the play time we played. You get skulls and XP for each level you complete.

With coop, so far it typically follows a pattern of “enemies out of Rift #1” for 1-2 waves, “enemies out of Rift #2” for the same number of waves and then enemies out of both Rifts simultaneously for 2 or so waves with the last wave having a “boss” that is super tough and will require focus.

Each person gets coins to spend during the round and you need to work together to try & use the highest level traps each person has. Barricades are the most important and having that annoying archer hero helps as he can buy them for 200 less.

We’ll be playing it more. The grind isn’t bad at the beginning, but we’ll see how long this lasts.


So after a few more hours, and at level 14, I’m not feeling the love. Made it through all the apprentice levels and currently going through Warmage.

Warmage introduces a RNG into the level - they spawn mini-bosses that are RNG determined and they can completely throw off any strategy you might have been working on. And of course the sappers are back, so good luck with those barricades.

First off this game is grindy just like Prime World defenders - Really Robot Entertainment, you are copying so much from them it is ridiculous. The RNG to see what card I can get is just stupid. Whereas the original OMD 1 & 2 had a progression, this feels too much like a maze with no real outlet and random chunks of cheese are thrown down and try to distract me from the exit.

Second, I can see if I’m playing COOP, I should have a limited loadout. OMD2 had that and I appreciated that I had to be selective. But I just tried a few rounds of single player endless and I’m stuck with a small loadout on single player? Really? And the starting $$ isn’t sufficient to even stop the first 2 waves. Oh, I know, I must get to level 80 before starting endless or some other stupid grindy mechanic?

No restart option is a killer. I see where that’s been mentioned a lot and you’d think after 2 years of development, this would have been spotted before, so I have little hope of this getting addressed anytime soon. Really, I just want to restart the level. It takes too long and when you’re in OCD mode trying to perfect something, this type of delay is just simply unacceptable. What’s even worse is they thought it was OK to go to launch with this.

Another big appeal was friends and leaderboards and with all the RNG, this is just impossible. So scratch that. I guess you didn’t have a solution to the cheaters, so just punted, but RNG is a poor substitute for repeatability. Oh, what annoying boss enemy am I going to get this round to fuck up any strategy I was trying to come up with?

So, I’m venting. I’ll play some more coop with my son, because COOP is somewhat better and we can do a few levels every now & then, but sadly right now I’m in no mood to throw any $$ at this for single player.

Who else is playing this?


I tried playing it back when they first announced the Unchained changes. I also had problems with the grind and how the game really punished you if you tried to play it solo.


I’ve been playing it, and it’s OMD, at least for the first few levels, a bit more focused on multiplayer but lacking quality of life improvements to support it at 100%, stuff like not being able to say what maps you’re interested in playing multiplayer for instance.

There’s also a sorta PVP mode, haven’t tried it yet, but looks like fun from what I’ve seen, it’s normal PVE but you get to add surprises to your opponents game (and vice-versa).

The start is not grindy at all, the game is fairly generous, and you’re capable of progressing quickly, so much that I don’t know why anyone would spend money on the game. Of course it doesn’t take a genius, you start off being able to hold your own, but upgrading traps becomes harder and harder, and you’ll need those upgraded traps to be able to be effective at higher levels.


It is a shame they go with this F2P route. I loved the first 2 games and would gladly play for the third. However, one thing I can’t stand in a game is grind and I refuse to play the F2P nickel and dime game. I want to know how much a game will cost me up front.

They really should make two versions of the game. One full price one with everything included, and then the F2P one. Then see which one makes more money in the long run.


I agree that Apprentice levels are nice, you progress easily & it feels like progress.

When you hit Warmage, things aren’t quite as nice. Have you played Warmage levels yet?


A couple of matches, enough to agree with you.


A year later and I am surprised this is still getting patches and maintains around 500 players per day.


Sadly most reviews sum it up as a giant f2p money pit waiting for your wallet.