Order of the Stick

Because the last strip was so cool. I’m consistently amazed at how awesome this series is. So who’s up next for the big solo character enhancing adventure? My money is on V.

I think V will always remain an enigma. I just want Haley to get her freaking voice back.

Yeah, that joke is played out, and I’m guessing he knows it - it’s probably just that there’s some plot point he has in mind and she can’t get it back until then. Fingers crossed the awesome fourway duel we have a right to expect is coming will be it.

“this? this right here? this is gonna be GOOD

That was the point and the line that turned me from a “hum this is a pretty good strip should visit often” fan into a “gotta have it gotta read the last one why is there no new one damn you damn you” fan.

Which strip was that? Belkar fighting his evil twin, maybe?


OOTS is great, but I can’t stand that new strip on the site. It’s a shame because I really dig the art, but the whole “We are living in a strategy game” thing just doesn’t work for me.

Alas, poor Yikyik. And Yokyok. Can Yakyak be far behind?

Heh, that, sir, was amazing, considering my memory didn’t serve me all that well and I didn’t quote the strip exactly right. hah. But yeah, that’s the one!

I actually felt sorry for Yokyok. But then again, aren’t kobols supposed to breed like rabits? wonder how many Yakyak, Yakyek, Yakyik… etc are there?

Just got turned onto this a few days ago. So far I’ve only made it to about strip 130 or so, but it’s surprisingly great. Really love the continuity and the characterization is very well done and deeper than I expected.

I miss the old interface. The new one is horrific.

I made it into the 200s, but haven’t gone back since the went to the unreadable brown-ness. But I will go back, because it’s pretty good.

OOTS is the best webcomic out there, IMO, even factoring art into the equation. Sometimes it does drag on a bit, e.g. the recent strip about the dashing swordman training, but it’s usually both funny and clever. I like the new comic on the site, too, but it’s not nearly as good.

It gets better, I’d say - not in the sense of really changing, but you come to realise exactly how firm a grasp he has on the story and characters as you see the length of the arcs he’s running. He’s totally not making it up as he goes along (or if he is he’s way good at it).


" - wait, what?"

"It’s the perfect build! All I have to do is keep leaping ten feet back every - "

[falls down cliff]

Sacrificing minions, is there any problem it CAN’T solve?

Dispose of your trash in the waste receptacle, conveniently located by the theatre exits.

Heh, I got a kick out the reveal of the meaning of the “goat prophecy” during the first arc when Haley said “wow, that’s a lot more planning than I thought this strip had…”


and also the one where elan was curious…

“thog not human offal. thog HALF human offal.”

“…what is offal?”

Actually, the best part of that joke is how Thog holds up his index finger as he asks the question. It’s amazing how much characterization and acting the artist does with such minimalist art.

Also, it just doesn’t get any better than Xykon and Redcloak. I squee ever time I see a new strip with them in it.

Well, it’s finally over