Order of the Stick


While that was kind of a “filler” strip (as well as a “travel” strip), it was nice that Rich put the kibosh on some kind of Banjo-ex-Machina resolution.


As various dangling threads get tied off, is anyone else getting the sense that Rich is going to end the strip with the failure of its heroes to stop the end of its world? I’ve got the sneaking feeling that it could go either way.


It could be an apparent failure, but I don’t think he’d end with futility, so one way or another things will Work Out.


Kind of a long way to go to end things in disaster.


We know Elan gets a happy ending.

(and I don’t think the Girad illusion counts)


Don’t even ask about electrum…


What was the point of this strip, I wonder.


To entertain? It worked on me, at least.



I like the practical and adventure side of Roy. :)


Naming names

(Personally, I favour “Pastor Expiration”.)


Thorsaken got me.



I wonder how this is going to be relevant to the overall story. :)


Okay, well, that’s one of my top 5 now.


O-Chul is awesome. Probably my favorite secondary character.


I am re-reading the published books currently (just got to the end of War and XPs). Probably the thing I am most looking forward to is O-chul’s stay with the MitD. He’s verly clearly planted the seeds for it to rebel at some point, and I found the entire thread very well done and touching. It really leant some depth to his character and turned him into the “ideal of the Paladin Order” he was intended to be.

Also, “Sharks. Why did it have to be sharks?” is always good for a laugh.


Other times, not so much…


Cool. Thanks.


Some kind of sonic, reptilian, unicorn?


Love it.


I want to form a rock band.