Order of the Stick


The extra X’s? Or is this a meta-joke. I’m terrible at those.

I like the name: Value of an Independent Variable.


Yeah, extra x’s… Is he hindering the search by marking more than just the explored doors?


Yeah, the MitD is trying to slow Xykon down. Eventually with any luck they will have marked all the doors. You’d think someone would notice if 3x as many doors were getting marked each day though.


It’s strange. I was wondering if that’s what the sequence of painting indicated, but in the final shot it only shows footprints in front of one X’d door. I suppose the MitD could be good at covering its tracks…


Or have long arms/tentacles, or telekinesis.


Yeah, that threw me as well.


Considering the brush and bucket both just hang in mid air (nothing holding the handles), I’d assume some kind of magic going on. But yes looking between panel 6 and the last panel Mitd marked four doors rather than one.


No, you’re a homophone!


I don’t get it.


A homophone is when two words sound the same but mean something different - like steak vs. stake (in this case). Our halfling hero didn’t know what a homophone was, it seems!


Argh, I knew that, of course. I just kept reading it as homophobe.


Mountain Passes




That doesn’t bode well, does it? Showing us how content and well-adjusted Haley and Elan are just before a big fight?


Knowing Rich that’s probably a fake-out. :)



Training session.


that sentimental hogwash


I don’t like him.


Never enough dragons around when you need 'em.


I always enjoy it when authors play with the fantasy trope of manifest gods/goddesses and the afterlife. If you KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that the afterlife (a) exists and (b) is far superior to the material world, then why are you sticking around? Find a dragon, die valiantly and get on with the rest of eternity.