Order of the Stick


The fight is not over.


Look out above!!!


Now you’re just getting unfairly personal.


1062: I ain’t got time for that now!


Well, that was unexpected.


I know complaining about the pace of updates is utterly futile, and par for the course with this strip, but man, he’s really slowed down lately. One strip every 14 - 20 days or so? I’m starting to find it hard to keep the thread of the plot. Of course I should just wait for the collections to come out, but I’m not a patient enough person to do that. sigh.


I hope he’s got a day job.


Do you get his Kickstarter updates? I think he was putting in heavy work on his Winter Monster pages in the past few weeks.


I have backed OOTS (as the awesome stickers on my laptop can attest), but I never think to check those updates. Thanks!


It’s hard to believe it has been five years since the OOTS kickstarter ended. I don’t think Rich believes it either, which is why he is hustling to finish up the rewards that are still outstanding.


No Turn Signal


Chained of Command


I’m not quite sure where this sudden drama between airship crewmembers came from. I considered those characters background supporting characters at best so having a couple of strips (aka 90 days of real time OOTS production) dedicated to their little unfolding drama doesn’t sit well with me. On the other hand, the unexpected hard-lefts into side plots have worked out well for OOTS in the past. Maybe this will be awesome.


Not feeling it yet, though :)


Yeah, they’ve been going through this pass since Aug 18, 2016 according to our post history here. Rubbish. I want something to happen, this should have been like 2 real time weeks.

I’m just complaining that I want more! More more more. This is too slow for me. :( Sorry to complain though.


I love OOTS, but I can only read in bursts after 20-30 strips have been put up, else I get frustrated.


So you only read it once a year?


These days… :(


Lesson Never Learned


This arc is like a football practice that never ends; we’ve been doing it so long I can’t remember anything else. Aug 2016? Like 3.5% of the total comic lifetime has been in the pass on the airship? This isn’t to knock Rich, the shortcoming is mine alone.

Heck, I may have made this same post before at some point since 2007 because sweet martha do these arcs get long, spread out over the years. At one point, I seem to remember thinking that Order of the Stick was going to end in 2017. At this pace, that has to be off by at least a decade.