Order of the Stick


Are you trying to suggest there was a time before airship?


Didn’t this strip start on this very air ship!?!


We have always been reading a strip about an airship.


Oh, grow up!


Welp, 6 months of being on an airship in this pass and we’re getting minor character history. Guess it’s time to stop following this thread so when I remember again in a few months there might be actual progress to follow. :/


Yeah, to be honest I really couldn’t care less about the airship crew or their little issues. It’s neither funny nor affecting as far as I’m concerned. The occasional, rare, minor character thing is fine to remind us that there are low-level D&D characters still in the world during a high-level campaign, but this is just going on and on and on.


I mean, that last panel today I thought was pretty good. YMMV.

EDIT - I can’t help but agree about the pace though. 3 or so strips a month and we’re getting backstory on air ship crew. I feel like we’re being trolled.


I think it would be worth it, if we have the ship crash, killing all of the NPCs, and the main characters are basically unfazed. Like a, “PC’s, they are not like us!”

Oh, that fall damage was rough, I took 10d6 of damage! Which is half of their HP, but all of the crew member’s.

But, you could tell that joke in under 10 strips. And I feel like we saw a bunch of those types of jokes at Azure City and the Gladiator stuff.


Bump in the road.


A thing happened! To a main character.


A pretty huge thing, once you consider the full name of said character.


I think he had to roll like 3 natural 1s in a row for that to happen and also have a GM wanting to teach him a lesson. A natural consequence of smugness.


So this is going to take two decades to finish? This is his life’s work i guess?


He made a bet with GRRM on who could take longer to release an actual new piece of a story.


Yeah, my first thought was “whelp, 6 more months!”


Up to now I have been more irritated by people bitching about the pacing than the actual pacing. Which is to say not much.

Except now I have to admit to letting out a small sigh.


Maybe he will have Roy talk about mounting an expedition to retrieve it, and have V casually pick it up and bring it back in a couple of frames.


That’s kind of my assumption. You’ve got over half the party down there fighting.


“couple dozen episodes over several months”…


Well, whatever happens next we’ll know in a few short ten-days.