Order of the Stick


I bet next comic is back to the try-all-the-doors dungeon again. Or maybe back to Durkon or something. There’s infinite scope for temporizing. The airship is like a Xeno’s paradox thing. Of course the really fun trick would be to skip ahead to having the whole party at their destination waving goodbye to the airship and having Elan wonder when they will get the inevitable flashback…


This turned into the President Trump Optimism thread.


Ship abandon.


“Lean in, sister!”


That was pretty fun. I like that Belkar is all stabbed out for the day.


It’s one of the swoopy-star conditions.


Yay, a patented “line from the final panel” link!




50% chance of cutting the right rope.


It’s Elan. So a 75% (at least) chance of cutting the wrong rope, due to the power of plot ™.


Great, archive binging. I’d heard about it years ago, ignored it, but then saw the supersized thread and figured ‘eh, why not’.

I hope you’re all happy! (I’m at 400 now. Did he slow down massively in recent years?)


Yes, he did. I think he wants to beat glaciers at their game at some point. Well, glaciers before global warming, that is.


I think he’s adopting the GRRM method to maximize his creative output.


Next we have 12 episodes of leisurely digression into the early childhood and subsequent school days of the rope Elan just cut. But it has to be set up properly by finding out how some azure paladin whose name you’ve forgotten by now is doing.


IIRC he only did 35 strips or so in 2016. Tried to google but can’t find the number.


Jeez, how bad was it reading in real time. Roy was dead for 200 strips and it was insuffereable over the course of a week. What was that, 2 1/2 years?


It was bad. And hey, since you bumped the thread, it seems it’s been an awfully long time since an update. Is Rich OK?

A quick scroll upthread and it seems that it’s been a month, today. Ugh.


The oglaf person, whoever does it, should give lessons on how webcomic artists can stay on schedule.


The O-chul pdf is about to drop!!!


Geez, its huge. Well, now we know what Rich has been doing.