Order of the Stick


Giving me time to catch up?

(I’m at 800 now. Aka approaching the Great Slowdown)




Regarding the slow pace - to be fair, he’s still working through producing ALL THE (bonus) THINGS! from the reprint Kickstarter in 2012(!) for the backers. For instance, as tfernando mentioned above, he just released a 96-page story. There were 8 total bonus stories in the tiers reached, and he still has 3 to complete (prior to the latest one, they weighed in around 15-25 pages). There’s also some miscellaneous stuff still due backers like wallpapers and whatnot.

Although you’ll all be pleased to hear that now that the monster 96-page volume is out, his goal for the summer is to focus on the free web comic ;)


Since I know nothing about said Kickstarter, perhaps you could enlighten me? Is this 96 page thing new strips, written stories, repurposed and edited old strips? What are we talking about here?


New strips. The Kickstarter had a few pieces—reprints of old non-webcomic prequel books (On the Origin of PCs, Start of Darkness, and one other I forget), a bunch of feelies, printed copies of the strip up to that point, and PDF bonus stories.


No shit, this thing is massive. So turns out he wasn’t slacking or (overly) sick, just his normal slow output rate impacted even more trying to put out this 1/4 of a book.

Good stuff.


I presume this 96 pages you talk about is exclusive to backers at this time?

And would I be correct that, prior to this, there were two ‘books’ of exclusive strips, one on origin of PCs and the other on Xykon? And two super short mini books?

No reason I’m asking, none at all.


Yep, went out in a ‘private’ link to backers.


This is like when the DLC has ten times as much content as the basic game :)


Well, I read it this afternoon. And all I can say is “Wow, just wow.”

Thank you, Rich.


The Origin of the PCs and Start of Darkness (the Xykon book) were both unrelated to the Kickstarter (and IIRC done long before the Kickstarter).

All the books are now available for digital purchase on GumRoad including the Origin of the PCs and Start of Darkness. Also the Kickstarter short stories are available for “$1+” (basically whatever price you care to pay).

The new O-Chul story will probably show up there sooner or later.


Finally, a new one.


“In which nothing happens”.


Compel discerning peanut butter droplet ladders!


So, uh, how long is the Durkon… thing… going to last for? Or am I going to have to wait in real time with the rest of you, like some savage?

(I’m pretty sure I know the answer, brevity in arcs has been apparent in its absence)


I wouldn’t be surprised if the Durkon… thing… remained the… thing… right up to the end of the story.


So we’ll find out in a decade ;)

Ok, I got the feeling, since I knew that I am only 100 strips from current, that it would not be resolved yet. It’s been, what, 4-5 years now? No need to rush I guess.

I joke, and appreciate the depth of the plotting. But, you know, there is deliberate, and then there is Rich!


Aaaannnnd… current.

So nested sidequests right? So Roy needs to get his sword back, so he can defeat a vampire, to prevent a vote, to give time to beat Xykon.

Guess Durkon is gonna have to wait.


Another new one, not even a week later. Hopefully he’s picking up the pace now.


Wow, talk about catching up!