Order of the Stick


Nice punchline. :)


Thank you


Things are going fast now. Here is a new one: http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots1074.html


Woo! Now they can… basically backtrack. But now to Roy’s sword!


Shuffle the deck!


It’s be easy to get him up here indeed.


New one: http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots1076.html

I like the captain being very pragmatic.


That last frame had me in freaking stitches.


True. But aren’t they going to pick up Roy’s sword? It should be right there on the ridge.

That’s going to bother me. Don’t leave us hanging!


Calm Down Craig. This will be resolved by 2021 at the latest and we should get some foreshadowing even sooner!


All clear!

Also, good show of self-awareness there at the end. ;)


Oh good, V has Locate Object. I was worried they’d drag it out for 40 comics.


But if you try sometimes


Ok. Now Rich is just trolling those of us complaining about the pace of the story. It’s awesome!



Joking aside I do like how this played out.


Nice red herring, that sword.


Ha. It’s been a while since I laughed at one of these.


Threat level


LOL awesome. :)


Hmm, just got Rich’s update on the Kickstarter stuff.

Seriously, he’s giving us a half-price coupon for something the Gumroad site lists as $6? Rich, I’m more than happy to pay $6 for

Most importantly, I added 84 new miniatures in the same categories: 24 Animals, 13 Druids, 13 Fey, 3 Gnolls, 2 Goblins, 3 Mounts, 5 Orcs, 9 Plants, 8 Rangers, and 6 Trolls. I did this to bring the total size closer to the Summer and Autumn totals, and also because the rearranging left me with a lot of extra space to fill.

You work too hard, my friend.