Order of the Stick


A new one just got up: http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots1080.html

The (semi) gods all seem so… human. :p


He is on a roll!


Ill intent


He is on a roll.


How long ago is 5 weeks in the comic? It feels like years ago…


And your souls for free


You bet


Haha awesome!


New dwarf slogan for the opposition to Durkon at the meeting: Hel no, we won’t go.


Things are going pretty fast indeed these days!



Thor is not gonna be happy. If any of his surviving priests dare to break the news, anyway.


Omission Possible


He’s posting updates so regularly that you’d pretty much better check daily… but for those (like me) that often count on this thread to alert you… you’re alerted.


I like the reference back to this one: http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0150.html


Took me a second, but yeah, that’s an excellent call back. The deepest of cuts, good gravy.


Masters Mastering Mastery


These guys hadn’t gossipped or whined about their hosts so much before. Are these vampires rotting away from the inside, by the concerted and divine efforts of their hosts’ bodies and trapped souls? Maybe Durkon’s yellow mold simile was more literal than he knew.


It seems like Durkon does have a plan and a purpose as to what memories he shows the vampire. Clearly the memories affect the vampire. I just don’t know what exactly he’s trying to do with it all.


I was just going for the “Thor likes to smite trees” example. Is there something else there I am missing?


No, that’s what I got out of it to. Such a small extra line, “smiter of trees” but an obvious callback. Good find!