Order of the Stick


Ok so this significantly tilts the odds that Durkon will find a way to overpower the vampires control, at least tempotarially at a critical juncture.


Exactly. Familiars are a feature of the wizard class in D&D, and the raven is Vaarsuvius’ familiar.


Or is it the other way around?




The Crucial Ingredient


I miss Durkon.


We all do.

Well, maybe not the trees. But yeah.


Thanks, V.


I am liking this new schedule.


I don’t get the coat bit. What did I miss?


It was cold outside, it’s not as cold inside, so no need for coats. Though the bag of holding was a nice touch. ;)


I’m guessing it’s just a callout that he wanted to revert their outfits but figured anal fans would nitpick if he didn’t specifically have a “look we are changing outfits” scene.


Maybe (re-)setting the bag as a Chekhov’s Gun? No idea how it would be, but y’know.


Into the Tunnels


Rising Suspicion




Yikes, that’s got the hair on the back of my neck quivering. It’s like reading Salem’s Lot all over again.


Crap, that was not just a great twist, the way it was revealed was genius. This is such a great strip, seriously.


For the duration


I can understand why V refrains from providing information now.