Order of the Stick


:) 345


Thank you.


In Force


Prediction based on the general ditziness and chaotic character of these vampires:

  1. OOTS: (whisper whisper)
  2. OOTS goes to sleep.
  3. After about 10 minutes the vampires get bored and stop paying attention.
  4. OOTS kills them .


It’s a natural 20! Rolling twice!

Plan of Inaction
Out of the Box, Into the Fire


Yay! Hilgya returns!

(last seen here, I believe)


Looking right?


And a new one!




Calling with a child!




I would have never thought of what V thought of.


Spy Bowl


Does Vampire Durkon know he is being spied on?


I assume not, I suspect his plan was to simply taunt them into his trap. :)


New one up – sorry, can’t link from work.


The Perfect Strategy


I never saw that coming.


Man, I stopped reading this some years ago (edit: 5), and in this time he has made around… 260 pages in that time. I guess I will wait until it’s finished, in 15 years.


Elan is the best at compliments!