Order of the Stick


And Maybe a Change of Shoes


Who’s the dame?


Hel if I know! ;) ;) (not a typo)


Nice! Dame’s are trouble.


Hel of a dame!


On Her Honor


Thank you.
So, Loki is the loophole huh?


Well, she believes so. But who knows. You can never be sure when you’re dealing with a trickster god. ;)




All things considered, it could have been much worse.


Next up, Hilgya’s ex-husband’s backstory…


This has become painfully slow. I no longer even have an idea of where they are or what the hell they’re supposed to be doing. We’re so far from Xykon, the rifts, or anything. It’s just been dragging on and on.

I really think he’s just losing the story, and I’m pretty much done with it at this point. Which is saying something for a free web comic. I’m usually hard pressed to give up “free.” :)


Honestly, the Hilgya thing is only a handful of strips long and when you’re binge-reading the story all-at-once sometime in the far future, it will seem like what it is: a short aside leading up to the conclusion of the Durkon arc.

What really hurts is checking to see if there is an update every day or so, and then realizing that the comic that has taken three weeks to appear… just doesn’t seem like it should have taken that long. There’s nothing really complex-seeming about the layout, the character models (which I assume he mostly has on file), or the dialog. I guess the gelatinous cubes were probably new assets.

And yeah, I too feel guilty about complaining about a free thing. It’s just that it’s so GOOD, and I’m not getting any younger.


I don’t think Rich has given up on it – he’s just slow at working on the comic and doesn’t adhere to any kind of schedule. He hasn’t really made comic updates his top priority for a long time now. That’s nothing new.

It might be worth it to forget about the site, mute this thread, and be pleasantly surprised someday in the future when he releases an omnibus of the whole thing.


My impression is that when he isn’t working on the strip, he’s still working on other related projects like finishing his Kickstarter obligations.


This 100%. Plus, I find web comics (which I usually enjoy in general) just hard to follow due to how long it takes to update/make them. I had to abandon Girl Genius as even reading it once every few days I couldn’t follow it on like any level any longer. Gunnerkrigg Court I am still reading, but I am often completely puzzled by what’s happening or even characters that show up - I don’t know how anyone keeps track of this stuff reading two or three pages a day. People in the comments always seem to know what’s going on whenever I look.

TOotS is the exception for me - I generally know what’s going on by virtue of clear art and a strong story and characters that are memorable, but even that’s tested when we go 3 weeks between updates. And yeah, it’s free, I know, and yeah, I keep saying I’ll buy the books and never do (I really should, would be an awesome way to re-read the strips - there I did it again - we all know I probably won’t actually) so I’m not even really contributing at all to my free entertainment, but it’s still frustrating. It’s kind of a shame this isn’t just like a Marvel book or something that he works on full time with a staff to help him with stuff like lettering, inking, etc. that comes out monthly. Ah well.


I haven’t read this in a few years but was meaning to go back at some point. I think I left off sometime after the big battle at the castle and the Roy storyline that followed. Disappointing to hear it really hasn’t resolved much since then though, if Xykon & the rifts aren’t even part of the story line now.


I’m so glad that Sluggy is still going, even if it’s only 3-4 comics a day instead of the old 7 comics a day.

Is that the oldest running webcomic?


Sluggy has really benefited from the slower pace – the art and the story are easier to follow.

I’m with Scott on Gunnerkrigg Court. I have that in my bookmarks to check every M/W/F, but I find myself lost more often than not. Unlike OoTS, there is zero flashback or recap to help the ready get their bearings when some random character from hundreds of comics ago pops in. I’m teetering on the edge of just deleting it and maybe revisiting it every year or two.


It’s Never Failed Before