Order of the Stick


I like that one. It seems like this fight is going to have some deliberate echoes of the one Durkon lost.


Well, Rich does know a thing or two about character development and effective storytelling. Those with really accurate and resilient long-term memory will appreciate that, I’m sure. ;)


Or just those who archive dived the whole thing 6 months ago ;)


Neck and Neck.


What did they summon anyway?? Rainbow giraffes?



Probably Fiendish or Anarchic Giraffes.


Cat’s Disgrace

I laughed.

And I think those were chromatic giraffes. You know, like dragons, but with longer necks. ;)


And note that the small creatures riding the giraffes were probably from Roy’s venerable Bag of Tricks.


Bait the Rainbow


Haha, I was just coming to post that when I saw that you were typing so I decided not to bother. Sometimes Discourse can be pretty damned awesome.


Yes indeed! ;)


Is V chaotic? I wonder why the chaos hammer didn’t affect her/him?
Also, called it in the Giraffes.


I’m guessing V must be chaotic. That or protection from chaos had been cast on V. That’s not too much of a stretch I suppose since the preceding strip showed Elan getting a cast of protection from law.


According to the wiki, Vaarsuvius is True Neutral… at least originally. Of course, after a certain event, there’s a good chance her alignment changed to chaotic.


Negatively Affected


The Fighting’s So Bright


Very nice!


Guys. That last panel.


Create Spawn


I hope that baby isn’t used as leverage. That would be… Obvious?