Order of the Stick


Protection Racket


Only a four-day gap? He’s flying!


Man, this is going places now!


I didn’t know that was allowed anymore!


Dispelling Misconceptions


Hmm, that doesn’t bode well.




ruh-roh, Roy.


Seems to be some debate over the ability of dispel magic to dispel a vampire’s charm. But V might have it ready themself. Otherwise, yeah, problem time.


Belkar’s in really good position to backstab.


I’m more worried about Haley taking out V. They were pretty clear about stoneskin dropping.


Interestingly, the baby appears to have saved.


Targets must be looking at the vampire to be charmed, so I guess the baby was looking elsewhere? Very likely.

I’m more surprised to see a Cleric (hence, high Wisdom) failing a Will save. Sure, DC 17 and all, but still.


Swirly Attack!


I still can’t believe that she failed her Will Save!


I think they also make a save everytime they receive an order/suggestion that goes against what they would willingly do, and they keep failing those as well… for now. After all, Rich’s rolls follow the power of the plot. ;)


That’s a really interesting link.


Damnit @MikeJ, I didn’t even see the link the first time until you mentioned it.


Misery loves company?


Be Better, man!