Order of the Stick


Thanks, that was a while ago! So, not really relevant in the current predicament. It was nice knowing them.


Battle Cry


Doesn’t she get a saving throw?


How do you know she didn’t, and failed it?


High Level Clerics rarely fail Will saves, especially if you are really high level.


Remember that Rich’s rolls follow the power of the plot. ;)


I hate when writers break the rules of their world, at least not without some explanation.


Well, in 3.5e natural 1’s are always failures, right? Because OotS is basically a “house rules” adaptation of 3.5e.



I didn’t feel like posting that link again.


Yeah but a 1 isn’t just a failure, it’s an epic failure. You role play it.

Only a bad DM just has it happen without description or follow through.


Well then, she had an epic failure in her Will save! Solved. ;)


But it should be shown. It’s not just “okay, you failed”

That’s… really bad story telling.


C’mon. You know the rules and so do I. ;)


There are rules and then there is story telling. And story telling is especially important when what follows differs significantly from what is expected to happen.

Remember, low level cleric and Roy both passed their will test.


Such a thing can and will happen in a real game. Only, in this case, Rich decides on the rolls instead of relying on dice, because his focus is telling a good story. I think you’re overthinking it. ;)


If Durkon cast an anti-life shell, does that mean that the baby is going to die in a moment?


Yeah, and as I said, a good DM will spin it. Failure, especially epic failures, should be shown and describe as such.


No. It’s an abjuration spell that basically prevents living beings from passing the spell barrier.


Are you seriously saying there’s something wrong with a comic strip due to your personal interpretation of a saving throw rule? Come on. But perhaps your DM applied a -5 to the roll for the cleric being evil or the vampire has a ring of hypnotic dominion +5 or whatever…