Order of the Stick


I’m dying to know how Durkon’s memory is going to turn this battle around.




Oh man, this is not going well. I hope Durkon gets whatever he’s got cooking served up soon.


Raising a Family


It is always darkest before the dawn, right?



Somebody she paid to have raised from the dead means something to the Vampire Cleric. Means a lot is my guess.


I’m also wondering of we are about to see the culmination of some prophecies from long ago.


When the goat turns red strike true.


My first thought is that he’s just shocked about the generosity. But maybe it makes a difference exactly who was raised?

Yeah I think he has to do it. I notice that on the last frame Durkon and the more powerful minion are lined up.


Reasons Why


Well there goes my theory.

I’m wondering what happened to Durkon’s mom? Did we see that? Did she end up going to Hel because she didn’t die in battle?


She’s still alive for all we know, according to the wiki.

Also, there’s this poignant part there:

Durkon’s desire to be able to cast a Regenerate spell on his mother to restore her arm was the primary motivation for him to join the clergy of Thor. He has been able to cast that spell for years, but was unable to help his mother due to his exile from the Dwarven Lands.


Better Days


Well look at that, kinda figured it had to come to it in the end.


(caution: “The Crow” spoilers!)


Wow, I totally didn’t understand where he was going with that. Nice. I also like the parallels with Belkar.


Very nice indeed.


Your Worst: The companion comic that I had forgotten. Helps make more sense of what happened today.

Edit: So I guess I took the meaning of the vampire’s previous puzzlement as he didn’t understand people. What Durkon took from it was that he didn’t understand Durkon.


A Heartfelt Moment


Oh man.

I expected Durkon to die, I didn’t expect him to disintegrate. I think you can still get them back, right? It just takes like serious diamonds and a high-level cleric still?