Order of the Stick


Ha, I almost missed that!


Same, which is why I wrote that warning. It also gives a whole new dimension to the title. ;)


You sir, are a gem! Thank you for the tip. I would have missed it on my phone.


Thor be praised!


That’s amazing, thanks!


OOTS: Good Deads Gone Unpunished a new collection of OOTS short stories is out today. Print Edition $24.95 and PDF Version $15.

It includes the outstanding “How the Paladin Got His Scar” featuring O-Chul (previously released to Kickstarter backers) along with short stories including one each for

  • Mr. Scruffy
  • Therkla (Half-Orc Ninja)
  • Lien (Paladin with Shark Mount)
  • Kazumi and Daigo (guards from the Battle of Azure City)

Total length 164 pages.




Nice, but what does it all mean?


Orders From the Top


BTW, so much funny in that strip. I love when Rich makes fun of himself, and also when he goes back to old jokes for effect. ;)


Ha. Dammit, though, the mythological thing is oak trees getting hit by lightning, not pine trees.


My turn!


Can I say hope much I appreciate people keeping me up to date on this comic! You all rock big time.


Good enough for me!


Last two panels are worth of Elan’s “dun dun DUN” for sure.


Yeah, that sounds like a definite foreshadowing we just got.


Lesson Planar


“Eh, you’re not missing much.”


To Remember Them By

That seems quite serious